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June 3rd 2012
Published: June 3rd 2012
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So the last day, woke up this morning and off down to breakfast guess what straight into the ham and cheese baguettes, croissants and coffee and juice fairly positive frame of mind only twenty odd miles so should be an easy but the legs and arse are both aching but on the positive side the pain killers have not got the elbow problem under control and the hydration is finally stabilised.

When we went to fetch the bikes there was a surprise in store: a couple in bed in the room! We did not investigate this too closely but assume they were staff. All the bikes were successfully retrieved and we got underway.

As I had the only GPS I was nominated to navigate all of us to the Eiffel tower: no pressure then. Anyway off we go through the centre of town and out into the woodland, again most of us are on road bikes which are not the ideal machinery for this terrain but we manage better than in the UK. The route winds its way through streets and parks into Paris and we are teased by glimpses of the Eiffel Tower. Progress was quite slow due to staying together as a group plus the terrain and the amount of traffic lights. We made a few wrong turns but we rounded another corner and there in front of us was the Eiffel Tower, with the rest of the crew waving and shouting. The emotion then started and I nearly fell over as I was trying to get off the bike but I managed to keep it together. Hugs and handshakes all round and ice cream for everyone.

All too soon we were back on the bikes to head off to the car park and the crew were off to collect the car and van to meet us there. So off we go as a group riding down the banks of the Seine and on to the car park. As we had quite a while to wait for the crew it was convenient that there was a small Spanish bar just along from the car park. When we arrived there were 6 people in the bar and I think we must have made the owner’s day when the 20 of us arrived wanting beer all round and Tapas for most.

Once the crew turned up we loaded the bikes and off to the hotel, which I would not recommended at all. We thought that the last room was small but it was a penthouse suite compared to this one; what with that and the stroppy receptionist it was not a good experience.

But we then hit the bars again and another steak dinner and we rounded it off singing in yet another bar.

Thanks to the crew, Calsberg, Blissy, Jane and Meg.

And the riders, Thomo, Tricky, Phantom, Elvis, Des, Carl, Debs, Rich, Hairbear, Steve, Beefy, Shevone, Dunc’s, Bob, Reedy, Koo, Figgis, Babbage and my special neice


· 30 Miles, 212 Overall

· 3 Hours in the saddle, 22 Overall

· 2000 Calories, 15,000 Overall

· No falls, 17 on Day 1

Injuries, well everything hurts, but I made it

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3rd June 2012

.Arses and elbows!
Well done to you all - what a hot weekend - glad to have running commentary on arses and elbows! Will ask how they both are when we next see you Rob! Great cause - well done all cycists and of course the support team.

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