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January 1st 2012
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From Bella

Ma Maman and Papa gave me 3 euros and asked me to go out and get a baguette for afternoon tea. Hamish said he should come with me but I really really wanted to go by myself. While wandering down the road I found glow sticks (and if you are a kid you know the street value of a pack of glow sticks) and a flower necklace. Then, when I found that the supermarket was closed, I kept walking and walking but I went the wrong way. When I saw the Sacre Coeur I recognisd it was where we had all been a few days ago. When I started thinking we should go there again I realised it was lit up not by the sun but by lights and i realised it was getting dark and I had not found enough glow sticks to get home. Some nice dad with twins saw I was a bit concerned and decided to help and he spoke English. He decided to call the police as I could not remember the street name I had been living on for the last 11 days. mama and Papa were getting worried and decided to call the police and they were very kind and told them they would drive me home. When I got home I gave the money back to mum and dad asked where the bread was. We went out for a yummy dinner and we had fanta and ice cream.

From ma mare and mon pere

Yes this is all true (with a bit of poetic licence). We had our youngest daughter delivered home by the French police, great memories...

I cannot describe how far off track she wandered. We had all of us doing big loops of the area before calling the the police. Seriously stressed. We now are all at home and in bed after a couple of bottles of wine and a bit extra provided by our local restaurant. Thanks goes to the French Police the kind local random citizen, and Giovanni, the restauranter. BTW, Bella will not be asked to get a loaf of bread alone again (regardless of whether it is 50m away or not).



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