Making "happy memories" at Euro Disney.

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July 17th 2009
Published: September 20th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Having being diagnosed with breast cancer last October (just 8 weeks after returning from our RTW trip) we have at last!!! found time, between hospital stays and appointments to have a few days away.

(For those of you who don't already know; In February I was told the cancer had now spread to the lung and spine and my prognosis is a life expectancy of an average of two years.)

My quest now is to make as many "happy memories and have as much fun as possible" during this journey, for my family and friends to look back on.

For a few weeks before we made our trip, I was led to believe that we were heading to Amsterdam to see a friend.

So needless to say, getting away and doing something "normal" for a change was most welcome.

But can you imagine my shock when I woke up in the middle of nowhere, to be told that we were parked outside the Disney Hotel Santa Fe.....

Euro Disney!!! Secretly arranged by my husband and daughter Tracey.

JOY, JOY, JOY, how happy was I.

Hotel Santa Fe turned out
This is me bald!!This is me bald!!This is me bald!!

Whilst going through chemotherapy.
to be very basic, no facilities for brewing a cuppa in our room. (Our travel kettle came in very handy yet again)

On the plus side we were within walking distance of the park and our stay included a continental breakfast.

On our first night there we sampled the delights of the unpalatable, over priced food in the disney park.

From then on, like many other guests we became very adept at secreting away ham, cheese, butter and rolls and even a flask of coffee for an afternoon picnic whilst in the park.

Although, there is a big sign outside disney saying you can't eat your own food inside the park
"Everyone did, even the locals"!!

For those that have never experienced the joys of disney, it is well worth a visit. But with the unfavourable exchange rate at present, this can be an expensive trip if you have a few kids in tow.

Although it is smaller than the american parks, it still has all the parades and fireworks - But on a smaller scale.

However; it must be said, that we still prefer Orlando, there is so much more
Brewing up!!Brewing up!!Brewing up!!

A handy bit of equipment left over from our round the world trip.
there and the food is so, so much better.

But having said that, we had a fun time and were glad of the much needed break.

See you all soon xx

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Me first!!!Me first!!!
Me first!!!

After a couple of hours on the road, we are all thirsty.
Spinnaker Tower Spinnaker Tower
Spinnaker Tower

Soaring 170 metres above Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent, the Spinnaker Tower is taller than the London Eye, Blackpool Tower and Big Ben.
Gunwharf QuaysGunwharf Quays
Gunwharf Quays

With 90 designer outlets to shop in, Tracey needs to rest her feet.......
Anyone for ice cream?Anyone for ice cream?
Anyone for ice cream?

We thought you'd never ask..
HMS WarriorHMS Warrior
HMS Warrior

Portsmouth docks.
HMS VictoryHMS Victory
HMS Victory

Having a good nose around, whilst waiting for our overnight ferry.
Hey look!Hey look!
Hey look!

Found myself a sailor in Portsmouth!!!
Portsmouth docks.Portsmouth docks.
Portsmouth docks.

Won't be long before we head for our ferry.
Mum and daughter.Mum and daughter.
Mum and daughter.

How can that angelic face keep a secret from me? Thought I was travelling to Amsterdam!!
Pillow fight before bedtime...Pillow fight before bedtime...
Pillow fight before bedtime...

Ronnie and Tracey fighting over who has the top bunk.
Hotel Santa Fe.Hotel Santa Fe.
Hotel Santa Fe.

Our Disney hotel just a 10 minute walk to Disney. The bus takes about 5 minutes.

20th September 2009

Glad to see you out and about!
Well, really... trotting off again. Great to see you here and read all your comments. Need any travel spinach, just let me know.
20th September 2009

Thanks for the update.
You're an inspiration to us all :-)
21st September 2009

So good
It's nice
21st September 2009

Glad to find you back here. Building happy memories should be everyone's pastime. And I admit, old hags like me still enjoy Disneyland, more so if visiting with family. Cheers!
21st September 2009

Happy Memories
So happy to see you out and about again. My family has always said that it is ALWAYS about the happy memories, no matter what the future may hold. Looks like everyone is participating in the memory making!! Nothing like a good pillow fight to bring on the laughs. Be well-- look forward to seeing more soon.-- M
21st September 2009

you go girl!(and skid)
21st September 2009

Not Disney again
Great to see you all enjoying yourselves
22nd September 2009

"DISNEY" Where dreams are made.
We are so pleased that people are taking the time to leave some lovely comments. And this is just to let you all know, that I'm feeling a lot stronger now and we are hoping to go away again very soon. Thank you everyone. x
24th September 2009

Good for you
Hya both,glad your having a lovely time,make sure you get spoiled rotten as you deserve it.All mt love.Billx
26th January 2011

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