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March 31st 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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March 31, 2009
Today we woke up at around 7:30ish to get ready for the day. People were still slow getting up, but that is to be expected after not sleeping for pretty much the whole night. Our morning started slow…we were out the door by 9 instead of 8. Our breakfast was provided by the hostel, and it was WONDERFUL French bread, jam, butter and coffee or tea. I didn’t think it would be that great, but it turns out that I really liked it! It pretty much made my morning After breakfast, we headed out to catch a train to Versailles for the day. The tickets there and back were only 5.80, which is just awesome. Sydney decided to stay behind because she was going out with a friend. The five left got on a train and headed in the right direction. (We had to ask the front desk of our hostel for directions.) I still had no money, so I tried some ATM’s around town in Versailles and couldn’t find any that accepted Visa. So, still no money. We wanted to go visit the Chateau in Versailles and were pretty sure they would have ATM’s or I could pay with credit cards inside. I paid at a do-it-yourself machine and my card worked. YAY! After that, we headed inside, where I found an ATM that worked and gave me money. It was a good day😊 We stayed at the Chateau till 2 and then met in the gardens to walk around together. We had a guided audio tour guide, which was super nice while going on the tour. The gardens were not as green yet and none of the fountains were turned on, but it was still really pretty and huge! The gardens seemed to go on forever. We waited inline to get crepes and waffles, but got impatient and kept moving. We also saw the place were Marie Antoinette lived. We did a lot of walking and walked back to the Chateau, where we found another crepe stand where we bought nutella crepes. AMAZING! We were starving at this point too, so definitely worth it. That cost about 3.50, but Kathryn paid for me because all I had was a 50. We got our train back and then right when we got out of the train station, there were little flea markets and vendors selling stuff. I found my purse that I have been wanting and a scarf for Amy, because it is her birthday tomorrow. I spent 15 Euro on both of those, and I got REALLY excited about it! My giggling gives me away! After that, amazingly we found Sydney walking and told her what our plan for the day was going to be. She came back with us to the hostel, where we got on my computer and did some research for tonight and the next day. And we all checked our email as well…I did get free internet!
We once again asked the front desk of our hostel where a good French restaurant would be, and he suggested an area to look in. We found this cute little place and gave it shot. The food was excellent and we all had a good time. We all had beer, which was German beer, and a deal off their there very tiny menu, which was an entrée and desert for 12.50. I had chicken with VERY good chips and a little salad with some amazing dressing. After dinner we wondered to another ATM to withdraw more money for Sardinia tomorrow and then made our way to the train station again to buy tickets to see the Eiffel Tower at night The tickets cost 3.20, which seemed like a wonderful deal. The Eiffel Tower was SOO cool at night! I took so many pictures. Apparently, every hour on the hour, they make the tower sparkle, which is just mesmerizing. We pretty much missed the first time it happened, were inside and climbing it when it happened again, and then were at a bench walking back to the train station when we saw it again. We could only buy tickets to the 2nd floor, which was fine by me, and we made our way up. Sarah is scared of heights, so she only made it to the first floor. Paris is beautiful at night and so worth it! The ticket up cost 3.20. We stayed up there until they pretty much kicked us out. We left Sarah on the first floor and told her we would swing down and get her when we were headed down, but they closed the stairs so we couldn’t. It ended up being a “where is Sarah” party for like 20 minutes, because we couldn’t contact her at all. She ended up getting the last elevator ride down to the bottom where we met up, so it all worked out. While we were waiting, tons of men where there trying to sell little keychains and glowing Eiffle Towers and roses. This one guy, put a rose in between my arms as they were folded on my chest. I kept telling him no thank you, but I don’t think that registered very well. He finally backed off before I slapped him.
Now, we got back from the Eiffel Tower, and I am sitting in my hostel typing. People are slowly falling asleep. Jake is playing cards. Kathryn wanted to upload some pictures on my computer, but that is going to have to wait until morning, because she is asleep right now. At dinner we discussed that tomorrow we are going to get up bright and early and be out the door around 8:15-8:30 and head for a cathedral that is close. Then we are going to come back and get our backpacks and check out of the hostel and carry our packs with us all day. Then we are going to go to Notre Dame, possibly the Eiffel Tower again and the Arc de Triumph. From there we catch a bus to the other Paris airport around 3 and take the hour long trip to the airport for our flight that leaves at 7pm. It will be a good day tomorrow😊 We will be in Sardinia, Italy tomorrow!
Everyone got along better today. We actually started having conversations with each other today and stopped being so crabby. I think we realized that we were in PARIS! AHHHHHHHHH! IT was So beautiful and kicked London’s patooty. I LOVE Paris and would come back here again in a heartbeat; London I can live without. The tiny streets are probably some of my favorite parts of this city! So neat. I love French too, even though I can only say like 3 words. I think tomorrow will be even better because we are going to sleep when we get to our hotel and then probably spend the day RELAXING on the beach with HOLLIE! I get to see HOLLIE tomorrow!!!! SO EXCITED!!! Gotta get some sleep😊


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