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November 3rd 2008
Published: November 3rd 2008
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Aaaaah Paree. I feel so comfortable here, like I already spent ten days exploring this city from end to end two months ago. Two months!!! It wouldn't be Paris without losing my way. At least this time I wasn't dragging my bags to and fro. The hotel I'm staying at is in St. Germain de Pres, which is adjacent to the arrondissment that I lived in when I first arrived. Therefore, I really do know this area pretty well, and I knew exactly what I was looking for. I only have a day and a half here, so I have to do major shopping...for presents...There is a chocolaterie in my old neighborhood that was fabulous, so I set off looking for it. Unfortunately, I couldn't situate myself, and ended up passing the same cafe literally five times. I'm still not sure where I am, but I did find the right street, and got back to my hotel. I bought exorbitant amounts of chocolate, and am willing to share with all my avid fans. I also stopped for dinner at a wonderfully cheesy Belgian theme restaurant. I was still in the Belgian mood after my trip, and this was too tacky to pass up. It was kind of like Buca di Beppo, but Belgian instead of Italian. The food was actually great, I had some Flemish meat thing. On each table was a questionnaire, and if you filled it out correctly, and your answer sheet was drawn, you could win a trip for two to Belgium!! My favorite question (all multiple choice, naturally) was, "what are Belgian's flag colors: black/yellow/red, red/black/yellow, yellow/red/black, or red/black/yellow?" Now, this may seem like a tricky question, except, each question on the page was bullet-pointed with a tiny Belgian flag, in brazen black/yellow/red array. This was clearly not Les Deux Magots, watering hole to France's top intellectuals.
My hotel is quite nice, and the concierge was delightfully snobby, as anyone would expect of a frenchmen, and a concierge. I'm having issues getting a ride to the airport on wednesday, as my flight leaves for Amsterdam at 6:40 am. No one seems to want to work at that time. Do you think the smoking rooms at the Amsterdam airport allows marijuana? Deep thoughts.
It is so wonderful to have a room to myself, where I can spread out all my things, and romp around in my underwear, without having to scurry into my room to avoid awkward conversations, or worrying about a cat getting into my things. I've been living with other people for two months straight, and the privacy is amazing. Which is why I'm in my hotel room watching French-ified X-Men II instead of out in the city like a good traveller. The shower was also particularly nice, as most places have limited hot water, or any water at all. In Sourdeval, the family was on a water meter, and if they used too much it got shut off. I only showered every-other day there. Yech. Here, I can leave my shampoo bottle on the shower floor, and take as long as I want! The only issue is its size. I very nearly could not shut the door with my body inside. When i moved, I knocked the lever, and it switched from hot to cold. I can't stress enough my wonder at how anyone fat could live in Paris. They would'n't fit through the Metro turnstiles, they couldn't get up the stairs, and now, no showers for them. Incroyable.

PS, this may be my last blog, unless something interesting happens tomorrow. I leave Europe on wednesday morning, and return to, a possibly tumultuous United States. Thanks to all my loyal viewers!!!


3rd November 2008

I don't want to sound like a creeper, but I've really enjoyed reading your blog as I am preparing to go to France in February! Safe travels back to the US :)
30th November 2008

If you have any questions let me know!

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