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December 5th 2005
Published: December 5th 2005
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not quite as cool as the Roman Coliseum as it only has two levels, still impressive!
Well life in Paris continues on quite splendidly. I had a “midterm” last week along with a paper and other work that seem to be piling up on me. From time to time this becomes too overwhelming and I don’t know what to do so I go see movies. I saw “Harry Potter” again on opening night here, which was quite a thrill! The theater was huge and on the Champs Elysées. The Champs Elysées is all decorated right now and every tree is strung with lights and so that in and of its self was great. And then the movie was even better with French subtitles! It was funny to watch and hear the French people respond to the French characters who are in this movie. They all clapped and whooped and hollered when it started and laughed at the caricatures of the French when they appeared. It was really fun. I also say the “Three Internments” which was the best film I’ve seen all year if you get a chance I recommend it. The advertisement does not fit the movie at all so don’t be turned off! As for the film “Three Times” I fell asleep in the second of three parts, but it was really pretty until then!

As my parents have rented an apartment for the week they are here over Christmas, I met with the couple whose apartment it is and had a cup of Christmas tea. That was something special. They were so funny and warm. She corrected my French and he kept reaching into the cookies. I have a standing invitation to their house for lunch on Saturdays when I can speak in French for and hour and then they in English for an hour! I think this will be a wonderful opportunity and I’ll have a surrogate aunt and uncle!

This weekend my school organized a trip to Nîmes which was a Roman occupied town until the French conquered it. There are many old ruins and a nice inner city, which kept us busy for the weekend. The trip on the whole was not well organized but was fun nonetheless. I sat next to my director at dinner which entailed speaking with him in French and us discussing how I am really between two languages now as I find myself at a loss in English now. (I wrote who’s earlier in
Pont au GardPont au GardPont au Gard

REALLY old aqueduct
this email thinking it was possessive…..yikes!)

For now I am swamped with work and can’t wait for the upcoming break when my family arrives!

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Pont au Gard 2Pont au Gard 2
Pont au Gard 2

still an old aqueduct

we had loads of time here so we took out our pastels and drew the aqueduct

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