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July 2nd 2007
Published: July 2nd 2007
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okay... so where the bloody hell are we?

Well we left Germany and stopped by a little country known as Luxembourg. There's not much to see in Luxembourg especially when it's raining non stop! Camping in the rain is no good, and walking in the city on one day it measured only 13 degrees so it was fact probably colder than home and they call this summer!! Anyway we did manage to check out the Bock Casemates which are tunnels underground built by the spanish many years ago to protect the people during wars etc. very cool. We also took a day trip to Clervaux to see one of the many castles in Luxembourg. When we got off the train we realised just how little the towns are in luxembourg, there was no one around except for a few tourists here and there, it was a little strange. A cute little town, but that was about it in Luxembourg.

Our next stop was Paris. We took the TGV train (the fast trains) because the french told us that was the only train to catch, we later found out it wasn't so were a little peeved that we got ripped off at 129 euro. We camped in Paris for 2 nights (32 euro)and stayed in a hostel for another 2 (90 euro), big difference in price not much difference in facilities.
In Paris we saw the Catacombs which were just scary! Sculls and bones piled up for about 1.6km underground, you can actually touch them (not that we did) if you want. Other stops were the Louve where we managed to take a photo of the sign that says you can't take photos and filming is strictly prohibited. It's a bit of laugh when you finally arrive at the Mona Lisa where it seems there is a continuous "press conference" on, everyone is taking photos!
We thought we'd drop by the Eiffel Tower just before it bucketed down with rain. We literally took a photo and ran to a cafe before a massive storm hit. Did I mention cafe? Yes there was no where else to run to so we thought we'd buy a coffee... at 12 euros that was our last coffee in Paris. The only good thing that came out of that storm was the fact that there wasn't as many people lining up to go up the the tower. 700 stairs later and we saw an awesome view, and another queue to go to the top which we didn't join. Our last day was spent admiring the beautifully detailed Notre Dame Cathedral where I lost Tezz who I finally saw jumping up and down waving his arms about whilst standing in line to go in. That night we went back to the Eiffel Tower again to see it all lit up, much more romantic and a nice end to our visit to Paris.

We left Paris on a normal slower train and travelled to Amboise, known as the home of Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately Neetz got sick so most of the time was spent resting up. We did however manage to wander through the small town and up the the Chateau (castle) which is where Leo rests these days.

Down to Biarritz near the Spanish border where the weather is warmer and the beaches are crowded, and there's lots of boobs about.

Now we're in San Sebastian which has the nicest beach we've seen in a while, pity it's raining again!!

Adios Amigos! Neetz

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20th July 2007

Not to add insult to injury.........but.......
The Eiffel Tower does have an elevator round the other side... Or you can just take the 700 stairs up. Either way.

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