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May 10th 2007
Published: May 10th 2007
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Alright, so today we went to Versaille (sp?) which is where Loui XIIII ruled and all this other stuff. We also saw the Eiffel Tower and decided to come back tomorrow to make the climb up the stairs to the top! We keep bumping into UF chillins- Matt, Aisha, Dan, Hillary, and some others... very strange. Paris is the new New York. Yesterday we got kicked out of a market for not speaking French, very funny, apperantly we look sketchy. Also there are bums here too, much more aggressive than in G-ville. Yesterday i was talked out of half my banana breakfast and this morning some dude giving away free flyers started following me, herassing me for a banana. i gotta stop carrying food with me everywhere. Anyways all is well, my belly if full (olives, veggies, fruit, and bread is cheap and delicious!) i will post some pics before we leave Roger's which may be around Monday? much love


11th May 2007

so cool, so cool. i'm glad you got this blog because it's really fun reading your entries.. makes me miss europe and you. the view from the top of the eiffel tower is unreal.. seriously.. so inspiring. hope you have fun! xo

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