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January 30th 2010
Published: January 31st 2010
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Wow. The day is finally here. I am sitting on the airplane, which is set to depart on time, yay! I was a little panicky on the way to the airport, and was a bit nauseated. But I was with my family and Kev and held his hand and felt better, even though it had started to flurry a bit. We left the house super early and had to wait about an hour for the counter to open for me to drop off my luggage. However, this was good because it gave me more time to see everyone before they couldn't go any further in the airport. And leaving early meant we didn't hit traffic and we weren't rushed at all. It was definitely the right decision to check in online, it was a lot faster than waiting in the check in here line. The woman at the desk was chipper, which helped me feel better, and was the first of many experiences with friendly, helpful British Airways employees.

Security was a breeze, there was no line, and I didn't have anything that would cause a problem. I had plenty of wait time, and the airport advertised free wifi for college students every day, and everyone on weekends, but I found out the hard way that it didn't reach down to my gate. The plane boarded on time. The pilot actually turned on the in flight entertainment (IFE) while we were waiting to get de-iced. I felt that the safety video was less dumbed down than the ones I've seen on domestic American flights, or is it just the accent?

2 hours after boarding and waiting, we finally got to take off. At first I thought the connecting flight would be fine, because I forgot about the time difference between London and Paris. The IFE had good movies to watch, and I tried to sleep on the plane but utterly failed. I was on the aisle, but in the middle section, and the middle seat was empty, so I didn't have to get up to let anyone out ever, which was nice.

The British Airways food was quite delicious, contrary to what I have heard about British food, lol. British Airways also gets points for serving me alcohol without even asking for ID. I was hoping the drinks might make me sleepy, which they did, but didn't help enough, apparently.


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