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September 15th 2008
Published: September 15th 2008
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Well we have made it to France after a squirly road coming out of Andorra and a expensive but speedy TGV train from Toulouse to Bordeaux. We have spent most of the day so far trying to figure out how to find a grape picking job here. We went to the tourist office and asked for a map of the vineyards. Holy cow there are a lot! On the map there was a webpage for the vineyard's association, ( which has been great for searching vineyards and contacting them directly. Alex's french has come in super handy. It's cute to listen to him parle français. I've had a harder time, but with drastic body movements I can still get my point across!

We bought a teenie laptop in Andorra because there are no taxes. It only came in spanish so the keyboard is funky, but we are getting by. Speaking of keyboards, the one I'm using now is an AZERTY keyboard where all of the letters and punctuation are all out of sorts. This has been one incredibly frustrating exercise in hunting and pecking!

We e-mailed about 40 vineyards asking for work so hopefully one of them offers us a job soon. If that does happen, we may be out of internet range for a couple of weeks. So don't worry or get bored, we will keep track of everything and send out a massive entry when we get back to civilization.

Lots of love to everyone,



17th September 2008

picking grapes
hope you're better at picking grapes than you are at picking blueberries

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