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March 23rd 2008
Published: April 20th 2008
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easter was crazy. so many easter eggs and so much family fun and love! ama was with me! (she was visiting me in finland from March 20 throught April 2) she experienced it all! So on Easter Sunday we went to Iska (Tom) 's mothers house (my mummi, who speaks swedish and finnish and inserts some funny random english words, she is such a character) and had a true easter meal. It was HUGE, and mummi and Ulppa (tom's sister, my aunt) prepared it all!!! I think we went over around 1pm. We all recieved wool socks from the easter witch filled with chocolate eggs and suprises, and we had a lot of fun opening the chocolate eggs and building the little toys inside! I was even able to build a little green formula one car from one of my eggs! OH! and I recieved a MUUMI EGG!!!

So after emptying our socks and having some chocolate we went into the kitchen and decorated our hard boiled eggs that we were going to eat later! Muppe, Ama and I colored a bunch (oh yeah, and Matsku was in Italy over Easter with his soccer team so he wasnt 😞 with
Ama, Mummi, Muppe and I Ama, Mummi, Muppe and I Ama, Mummi, Muppe and I

opening our easter suprises from the easter witch!
us). Iska and Aiti made a couple also! I drew a tree and the sun on one of mine and carrots on the other! Mummi was watching what I was drawing and would ask what it was, or say "bird" and "tree" in english! she is the best...she really makes me laugh SO much! she's such a fun loving lady!

After our actual eggs were finished we went into the dining room and started eating...3 types of salmon, two different herrings, sausage, meatballs, green salad, beetroot salad, potato salad, mayonaisse salad with potatoes, carrots, eggs, etc., 4 breads, 4 cheeses and grapes, 4 different home-made rolls, cookies, with fruit, home-made root beer, pork pate, candy, and of course some more chocolate eggs too!! and im positive I am forgetting a bunch of things!!! We just ate and ate and ate and ATE! It was crazy. I seriously dont think I have ever eaten so much in one sitting in my entire life! Then we took a little break from eating and chatted for a while, then went back for some Mammi! (everyone...look up mammi online...its really good...but its one of those foods where you either hate it or love
Muppe and IMuppe and IMuppe and I

oooo! chocolate eggs with toys inside!!
it, theres no inbetween, and i love it!!!...many finns think its funny i like it!) Aiti and I made a big deal about the mammi! it was fun! Muppe did my hair then we had tea and coffee with more cakes and desserts and wow...it was SOOOOO good. Everything....i wish i could have spread it throughout one week though...then i would have been able to have more of each thing!!! 😊

So after that we went home...ama went for a walk we all came home to vege...!

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Iska tom and tati ulppaIska tom and tati ulppa
Iska tom and tati ulppa

tom and his sis fighting with their stuffed toys... :)
Easter mealEaster meal
Easter meal

two hours of eating with a side of more eating
Mummi, Ulppa, Aiti, Muppe and IMummi, Ulppa, Aiti, Muppe and I
Mummi, Ulppa, Aiti, Muppe and I

eating MAMMI!!! YUM!!!
Aiti, Ama and I playing with our toysAiti, Ama and I playing with our toys
Aiti, Ama and I playing with our toys

i had SO much fun constructing my little toys!
Dessert time!Dessert time!
Dessert time!

more eating!
Mummi and Ama Mummi and Ama
Mummi and Ama

both of my grandmothers cleaning up together!

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