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January 23rd 2008
Published: January 27th 2008
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no...joku....täällä on yksi Australialainen, yksi Brazililainen, yksi Meksikolainen, yksi Chililainen (on väärä, tiedan) sitten yksi Amerikkalainen, minä!
So, its Wednesday. And the new exchange students from Australia, South Africa and Brazil have arrived a few days a go, and they have been attending language camp in Karkku!!!! There are 22 of them, and today they came to Tampere to tour the city, SO WE WENT TO MEET THEM!!!! About 20 of us met in Tampere at 12 and headed to this really cool lounge/bar/cafe in the city. We hung out there for an hour or so catching up, and drinking hot cocoa! Eddy Meksiko, Valeria and I came together on the train from Turku, and on the way Valeria made some Mate (south american kind of tea). We drank a bunch of it, then didnt eat or drink anything else all day. That stuff is crazy. So we all walked to the bus stop area around 2 and the bus arrived! The kids couldnt get off yet because they still had to go on a bus tour around the city first, but the tutors got off and we spent like 10 minutes communicating with the newbies through the windows. We used sign language, wrote stuff on paper and held it up, then Brennan got someones phone number from inside and we talked that way. We did the wave outside the window for them, and had a jolly good time. Then the bus left for the tour and the tutors gave us a game to play. We split up into groups of 4 or 5 and had half an hour to get 5 pictures of Finns smiling. Hard work. My group won though. We danced the YMCA and just asked random Finns to smile and got in the pictures with them!!! Then the newbies came back!!!! They got off the bus and it was a major, crazy fun time meeting them all. We have 3 from South Africa, one from Brazil and the rest are from Australia! We toured around the city with them for a while and got to know eachother. We all ended up in the Mc Donalds in the end because it was the only warm place big enough for us all to hang out. We have some awesome newbies!!! They are all SO excited to be here and it was really exciting to talk to them all!!!


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