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March 28th 2008
Published: May 7th 2008
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Today Ama, Hanna aiti and I went on a Viking Line picnic cruise to Aland island (aka, half way to stockholm!). We boarded the nine story ship (same one from my trip to Stockhold for the vanhojen ristely) in the Turku harbor at 8 am. We put our jackets up then found a nice place to sit on the sixth floor. We talked and bought steph a kiddie cup with a light stick inside, my very own plastic cup AND some sukulaku! (the only salmiaki like thing i actually LOVE!). We walked around and went shopping at Tax Free and some shop that was selling perfume and clothing. We went out on the deck to take some pictures and had some snacks. We people watched and looked out the window. At the beginning of the day it was foggy, but as the day progressed it got sunnyer and sunnyer (is that a word? or did i spell it wrong? "sunnier?") anyway it got sunnyer then we enjoyed a FANTASTIC view of different islands and lighthouses and summer cottages and some small boats from the ship windows! We ate lunch on the ship; hanna aiti and ama made fun of me for how much chocolate I ate! Around 2:10pm we arrived at Aland island (Ahvenanmaa in finnish) and walked off one boat through a breezeway to the second Viking line ship and back to Turku! Rick and I were talking to eachother on our phones as I ran through the breezeway, because he had walked down to the harbor to try to see me, but I ran all over the top deck and we just couldnt find eachother! In the boat we watched a funny dance show and got some more snacks! As we neared Hirvensalo (an island off turku) it was so foggy they blew the super loud fog horn every two minutes (hanna aiti counted 😊 !) Then we arrived home at 8:00pm!

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aiti and i again!aiti and i again!
aiti and i again!

miss her!!!!

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