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August 22nd 2019
Published: August 22nd 2019
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Last night I was up most of the night with vomiting from food poisoning. It had to happen eventually, I suppose, and I won’t spend any more time on it except to say that I didn’t have much energy today and didn’t get to see very much. I looked at the list of things still to see in Copenhagen and decided the one I most wanted was the Danish Viking Ship Museum. This is located in Roskilde, a thirty-minute train ride from Copenhagen. I managed to make my way there on the train and the bus, but I was moving slowly.! This museum contains the remains of five Viking ships that were discovered at the bottom of a shallow bay near there. The ships were painstakingly excavated and put back to together over a period of many years beginning in the 1960s. They are on display in the main hall of the museum. None are in as good a shape as the ones in Norway’s Viking Ship Museum, but the intriguing thing about the Danes is that they decided to try to reconstruct the ships using Viking tools. Over the years they have built replicas all five ships are these are docked at the museum. One can climb onto them (I did) and even go out for a sail or a row if one wishes (I didn’t). Currently the shipwrights are constructing another replica of one of the ships and it was interesting to see them working with axes and adzes. I was worn out after 2-3 hours there and so I came back to Copenhagen. I plan to stick close to the hotel room tonight and hope I am feeling better tomorrow.

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