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June 8th 2009
Published: June 8th 2009
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Its my 20th Birthday today and some of the guys will be coming over from Skibby to have some beers and a fire. It should be nice and quiet, I dont really like a big birthday party.

The last couple weeks have been nice, I got a Danish CPR number so I now qualify for Danish health care and Ive found some work as a waiter in Copenhagen although Im still looking at other jobs.

I also went swimming in the fjord a few days back the water here is really nice. The wheather is a bit on and off but for the most part its been nice and sunny.

The family will be coming over to Denmark in about 3 weeks or so and I think it should be really great. Lots to see, lots to do, steam boat rides down the fjord, bakeries and Tuborg, liverpaste and Tivoli. I think it will be a great experience for Samantha and Thomas and hopefully theyre still young enough to have it influence them. I think the country has changed a lot since Dad came here 20 years ago but I think he will be quite happy to be back as well. Im wondering what theyll think once they first come and see the collective, but I know for sure that they will enjoy it. Its in a countryside and life is quite relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen. Its great that theyve decided to stay out here since I find that whenever I stay in the big city for more than a couple hours the money just falls right out of my pocket.

Anyway, Im going to relax and have some beer, all the best!



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