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Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Højerup August 15th 2016

Ingrid offered to take Kev and I to Højerup to see the famous Stevns Klint on Thursday and, as that was the day Thomas was due to arrive back from NYC and London, we decided that such a venture would give Katherine, Thomas and the girls some time on their own. So it all worked out well. Ingrid picked us up early morning for the drive to Højerup, a distance of around 66 kms which took us through some nice countryside. We were bound for the UNESCO heritage area know as Stevns Klint, a white chalk cliff located 17 km along the coast which is of geological importance as a dramatic chapter in the history of the earth is hidden between the thick layers of limestone and chalk. The reason dinosaurs became extinct 66 million year ... read more
The old church on the edge of the cliff
Pulpit in the old church
Murals on the wall of the old church

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