Jeffrey’s Journey Part 3

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July 28th 2018
Published: July 28th 2018
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We had been heading down through Norway and I think I had put up with a lot. I really didn’t like the places where we were close to an edge and I could see a long way down. I was not too sure about the train that when upwards but still I was very brave and I got through it. The last few days however have been very traumatic. I have definitely cracked it with those big noisy animals Bernie and Phil call buses and lorries. I only need to bark furiously at them and they disappear, not that I get any thanks for it just constantly being told to be quiet. My first scary moment was when Phil had taken me for a lovely walk along a beach and we saw some animals with long necks in the distance. I thought they would run away as soon as we were near them but they all started to follow us. I did not like that one bit and I desperately tried to get away as fast as I could. Eventually Phil picked me up, phew saved again. I heard we were leaving Norway and going into Denmark. No one had told me how frightening this country was. First we had gone to a beach which I love because I can run around in circles and furiously dig which are both fun activities. I was doing a bit of digging when I suddenly noticed something in the sky. In fact there was more than one, they were huge and didn’t make a sound. I tried to go the other way but I was on the lead. Bernie told me they wouldn’t hurt me and I heard her say they were paragliders. What kind of animal is that? The very next day we were in a place called Legoland. It was very busy with lots of people and quite loud. Then all of a sudden there was the biggest creature I ever saw screaming and heading for me and I needed to get away fast, no time to stand and bark. Luckily Bernie took me right away from it and I don’t know where it went I was just glad it hadn’t followed me. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough the next day we were sat on a shady bit of grass and suddenly a huge group of men with banners, painted faces and shouting very loudly came marching past. I felt brave then and started barking at them. But then they were barking back at me and I got really scared and hid behind Bernie. My tail was down between my legs, I had had enough. Phil and Bernie took pity on me and we went back to the van.c

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