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August 7th 2017
Published: August 7th 2017
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My first day here technically was yesterday. I arrived in Copenhagen at 7:30 yesterday morning and then I flew to Aarhus at 12. My host family were waiting for me at the airport with flags and a sign. They are super nice people! It was a 45 minute drive to Randers, where i am staying. when we arrived in Randers they showed my their house and I unpacked my things. my host sister (soffit) and I took their dog on a walk and then I went on a walk with my host mom (Mette) after that. It's a really pretty town and I'm very glad that I get to do an exchange here. Today my other host sister (sille) and I went into the city and walked around for 2 hours. then we went to a caffe and had something to drink, Sille had this kind of juice that is from a flower. we don't have it in america and i thought it was pretty cool. when we got back we played sequence and i shuffled the cards and sille was so shocked my how I shuffled them because apparently they don't shuffle cards that way. it was the normal way of shuffling when you split the cards in half and i don't know how to explain it but its the way most people shuffle cards. I thought that was cool. I now have to go to my rotary club and meet them all. I will have to do this every monday at 5:30. My host family lives in town so we are going to walk there.

Vi ses,

Randi Westad


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