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August 9th 2017
Published: September 30th 2017
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We left the other guy's place and met up with a friend of Suleiman's that he had met on his last adventure out of the country. Yngwe.

We were finally able to get onto the same sheet of music with Yngwe after a solid day of micommunication. So we agreed that we would meet up with him at the central station in Downtown Aarhus. We waited there for a long time and alas, Yngwe finally arrived. Yngwe was a cool kid...a stoner. I knew we would get along.

So we walked around town for a little while then settled on the idea that we would go have a beer or two so we went to Flintstone's Bar. After a couple beers we caught a cab to Yngwe and his roommate Karls' apartment which happened to be about 4.5 kilometers up the hill that the city of Aarhus sits on. So we got to the apartment and we led us up another few flights of stairs and then we finally had a place to settle down and relax.

FInally, Yngwe asked me if I'd like smoke and so I cheerfully replied, "Absolutely." He broke up a nice little ball of hash in a bowl made of antler (viking as fuck) and emptied a bit of cigarette's tobacco in the bowl and mix the two precious ingredients thoroughly and with great care. I looked on in suspense as it had been days already since my last smoke and toke. He rolled it up expertly and we stepped outside and got lifted. A little while later, a friend of Yngwe's came over. We all greeted each other as he reached into his jacket pocket and removed two large bricks of hashish. One smelled piney, the other, citrusy. I recommended that Yngwe go with the citrus-noted brick as those terpines, I'm aware, have more indica-dominant effects. Later I came to find that I was right on the money with my guesstimate as to what strain it may be. Surely, this was an indica-dominant strain...

It wasn't too long thereafter that there could be heard the jingling of keys at the front door. A tall dude steps in and looks at Solo and I confusedly and then came over and greeted us after removing his shoes and jacket as is customary in almost all of Scandinavia. No shoes in the house. So I met Karl who I immediately hit it off with. A very well educated Danish dude if I do say so. We ended up sitting for hours sharing stories about our journeys, differences in our cultures, and language. We shared a lot of laughs and A LOT of information, but that was my first face to face experience with a not completely unfamiliar culture, but certainly a different one and so began my journey of cultural immersion. There is no better way to fully immerse one's self in the culture of another people than to go stay with those people and get a glimpse at their everyday lives and the goings-on therein...

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