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June 28th 2014
Published: June 28th 2014
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Prague is the first stop on our trip to Europe. There is no greater pleasure than travelling with the illustrious Lizzie Carrington.

The journey went pretty much without a hitch apart from a bit of confusion vis a vis the bus to the city centre. I, of course, fell asleep on the plane with my mouth open. Lizzie, thankfully, did not take pictures.

On Friday morning, after a complimentary breakfast at the hostel, we took a walk along the river Vltava and over the famous Charles Bridge, stopping of course for several photo sessions. I was not thrilled when the walk up to the castle consisted of a massive hill, but being a true Bathonian I took it in my stride. We got to the top and took several pictures and admired what we thought was Prague Castle. It was only after reaching the bottom of the hill that we realised that we had gone the wrong way at the top of the hill and most likely missed most of Prague Castle; we had been admiring St Vitus Cathedral.

We walked to Old Town Square and ended up taking a free walking tour through the city with our own personal tour guide, a chap called Martin; his original group didn't turn up so it was just Liz, me and him. It was really interesting, although long. He pointed out several buildings which were built during the Communist period here, which are all particularly ugly, especially in contrast with the beautiful building around them.

Prague is the beer capital of the world so of course we needed to experience this. First, we went out to eat pizza at a little underground restaurant where they made the pizzas in a real authentic wooden oven; they were amazing. I order a Rekordelig and Liz had a beer, the difference in size when they arrived was hilarious; Lizzie's drink was bigger than her head. After a drink back at the hostel and acquiring some friends, we went out to a bar which was built in an old underground train tunnel. After lots of beer and cider, we went to an 80s and 90s party which was hilarious because we lowered the average age rate by about twenty years.

On Saturday, we slept in majorly having got in at 4am. We even missed breakfast, which as everyone knows is not a common thing for me. Then we went to have lunch at a cafe near the centre and ended up staying there for about 3 hours despite only having one salad and one sandwich; we overstayed our welcome slightly.

On to Vienna tomorrow!


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