Burn the Children!

Published: May 26th 2013
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Ava the WitchAva the WitchAva the Witch

I was so glad Monica let her borrow a costume so she could fit in with the other kids!
“Let’s drink beer and burn the children!” Monica exclaimed with great enthusiasm. While this may sound a bit alarming, I can promise you it’s all in good fun.

15 minutes outside Hradec Králové, there’s a lovely little village. Jayna was nice enough to bring Ava and me there for Walpurgis Night. If you would like to read more about the history of the festival, you can follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walpurgis_Night.

Though the forecast called for rain, it was only a bit overcast and pretty warm outside. Jayna had told me about her village, so I was really excited to see it for myself. She told me her village was a peaceful place where everyone knew each other and helped each other out. It sounded like my own village on Chandler Hill, and I was excited to go anywhere that reminded me of home. After being away for two months, I was looking forward that that homey, small town feeling.

I was greeted in turn by her neighbors and friends. Jana made dinner for Ava and me while planning the evening’s events. Ava played with Jayna’s neighbors while I chatted with the mothers. In the evening, we all went to the local park. The children dressed up as witches and played games. There was a little costume fashion show and prizes as well.

Being a northern Michigan girl, my favorite part was the bonfires. There were two small bonfires in the park. We roasted kielbasa, bread, and even veggies. Ava and I were given food by our new friends and had a great evening. We were even able to stay overnight at Jayna’s house and were greeted by everyone as we walked the dog the next morning.

We’re both hoping to return to this comfortable little community before returning to the U.S. Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome in your community and for allowing us to celebrate this fun holiday with you!






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Jayna's dog that let us walk her all over the place

26th May 2013


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