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June 3rd 2016
Published: June 4th 2016
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Woolly says – another day and another bus, as I shovelled the mammoth backpacks into the hold I was looking forward to entering my fourth country. If only he would carry mine! Woolly says - as the lovely landscapes rolled past the window I attempted to keep the girls awake with a bit of history. In 390 BC the Greeks settled in colonies along the coast of Croatia, by 12 AD the Ro... Read Full Entry

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5th June 2016

How times change
Dubrovnik a jewel for travellers. but it was not always so. When my father was there in Yugoslavia days he used to say there was an omnipresence, a heaviness of control that made the hairs on his neck stand on end. How times change...looks charming these days Jo.
5th June 2016

Big changes indeed
I always wanted to go to Yugoslavia but my travel at the time was centred more round the Greek islands and then of course the war started. I can imagine what your Father meant though and it's something that we have talked about as we walk the beautiful streets that many of the older residents would have lived through times that were so different.
7th June 2016

What a marvelous trip you are on
A land with a historic and troubled past. Thank you for showing us the beautiful landscape and architecture.
7th June 2016

Our Pleasure
Troubled and fascinating at the same time, makes you feel very humble for the ease in which we have lived our lives!

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