Day 1 and 2 - Getting there (It is not half the fun)

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May 27th 2018
Published: May 27th 2018
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Day 1 and 2

The planning of this trip started earlier in the year when a drunken Dan Boler texted Kirsten to ask where our next trip was and if he could tag along. Ironically, Chester and Kirsten (ok just Kirsten) were just starting to plan their annual summer trip. And this year it would be Croatia and a few surrounding countries. We thought the more the merrier, plus one more person helps bring down the costs. Plus, Kirsten and Chester do get sick of each other at times, so a third party is always welcome!

We have 2 amazing weeks planned for Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia, including 5 days on a private sail boat island hopping on the Dalmatian Coast. Getting any trip started can be tough at times, and this one was no exception.

Leading up to the trip was the last week of school for Chester and a work proposal due for Kirsten. Tag on retirement parties, graduation, a Taylor Swift concert the night before and Kirsten preparing her home for 3 teenage baseball players to stay for 6 weeks. Over-packing was finally completed Saturday morning and Chester pitched in and mowed Kirsten's lawn before they caught their flight on Saturday afternoon.

To reduce costs, Kirsten and Chester utilized miles and went west to go east having a connection in Los Angeles enroute to Europe. With some planning, Dan met Kirsten and Chester in Munich for a lovely 8 hour layover. But we were all able to get into the lounge to do some work, catch some sleep and shower up.

The trio will end up in Dubrovnik tonight where the real adventures will begin Monday morning!


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