PlitvicKa Jezera National Park

Published: May 15th 2018
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I am blogging all over the Map. I am so far behind I decided to start at the end, so we got up and decided that today would be a good day to go for the National Park thing as it is forecast to rain tomorrow. But first let us do our laundry and then head out. We left Trogir and it is approximately a three-hour drive to get there even using the high-speed toll road (The A-1). We dragged it out a little longer stopping at a road side stop (The Krka way station) with a restaurant and I went to help myself to a bowl of soup and other food but was summarily chastised by this young woman working there, as to not touch, she would serve me. So, she handed me this bowl of questionable nature (supposed to be beef soup) after adding a small portion of noodles from a separate container and I could still see to the bottom of this watered-down bowl of beef broth, nary a vegetable or piece of meat to be found. Then she dished me some instant potatoes very runny and a piece of sausage which turned out to be a over stewed wiener and not the least, but a slopped-on vegetable stew of overcooked zucchini and miscellaneous mushed vegetables. Which I begrudgingly ate

as it cost me 62 Kuna, LOL.
• Off we went to Plitovicke Jezera and entered the park. As we were arriving by 1430 Hr it wasn't quite as busy as it would have been first thing. We got parked and it actually worked the best for us as we didn't have a lot of choices due to the time we had left. The lady at the information booth told us not to head to the big waterfall way as we just did not have enough time for that, so we walked down to the place to buy tickets and enter the park and the guys at the entry booth told us exactly the opposite which turned out to be the best advice we could have received. We entered at Station 2 and went down to the small boat; this whole area is green amid lush vegetation like one is in Coastal BC. The area smells of lilacs and other flowers, they even have what looks like an Astilbe tree. You walk along on these boardwalk trails over this water that seems to be coming out of everywhere and the water is full of what look like a trout but appear


scaly like a carp or whitefish.
• Kelly this whole area is a series of fault blocks and old dolomitzation with what I think are Karsts everywhere developing underground waterways and cave systems. There are a lot of areas that are what look like big sinkholes that just haven't broke through and are obvious karst structures below as well.
• The area is full of great boardwalk trail structures and green lush growth. So they loaded us up on the second boat, a larger boat that holds 100 people and shipped us down this one lake to the next drop off spot. The air is full of bird songs and swallows going crazy, must be a lot of bugs but there are very few noticeable mosquitoes or other bugs that bother you. I noticed that there are slugs and snails and one other type of striped fish, also saw a little tiny snake swimming in the water alongside the edge and it was maybe 8cm long and only about 2 mm thick with a bigger head. We started walking again and saw one beautiful area after another with crystal clear water and each lake structure ends with these areas of like a beaver


dam only it is just a dolomitized shore that the water is pouring over and through covered in lush vegetation and dropping off from 1 - 2 meters and 10 - 20 meters. Beautiful piece of geology and very descriptive if you were chasing a similar structure back home in a reservoir sense. The whole area is amazing, lush and around every corner is one better photography point than the last.

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