It was nice to be able to speak the local language fluently - Exploring Guernsey & Sark in the Channel Islands (7/16-7/22/13)

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July 22nd 2013
Published: August 7th 2013
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For those of you that only know of the Channel Islands off the coast of California, the ones we sailed to are located 10-30 miles to the northwest of France. The Channel Islands have a very interesting and unique history. When the Normans first controlled Normandy, currently part of France, the Channel Islands were part of Normandy and thus belonged to the Duke of Normandy. In 1066 when the Norma... Read Full Entry

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Flowers in BloomFlowers in Bloom
Flowers in Bloom

We have been fortunate is being in time to see flowers in bloom as we have been traveling north on our journey.
Remember the rhyme?Remember the rhyme?
Remember the rhyme?

When we saw this all Bob could do was keep saying was “three men in a tub”
Night View from our BoatNight View from our Boat
Night View from our Boat

Tsamaya was right in the center of town so had a great view of the Town Church each evening.
At Least No SnowAt Least No Snow
At Least No Snow

We are hoping that the print on this T-shirt isn’t completely correct about the British weather although we don’t see snow on it. That is a good thing for living on our boat there!
What a MistakeWhat a Mistake
What a Mistake

Who would have thought that tomatoes would look so lethal?
Good Out of Evil IntentionsGood Out of Evil Intentions
Good Out of Evil Intentions

The fuel in this tanks were used by the local farmers and even the other tanks are in use – one by the local fuel company and others used them for storage.
These Made It RealThese Made It Real
These Made It Real

The signs at the Underground Military Museum definitely hit you with how dire the situation was that people lived under during the German occupation.
The Candie GardensThe Candie Gardens
The Candie Gardens

The formal gardens which once belonged to the Candie household are now public gardens that are well maintained.
Victoria Tower in St. Peter PortVictoria Tower in St. Peter Port
Victoria Tower in St. Peter Port

We thought this was quite the monument to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria in 1846. It stands high on a hill in St. Peter Port.
A Well Used Man-Made PondA Well Used Man-Made Pond
A Well Used Man-Made Pond

At first glance you would think the boat on the right was a real one pulled up to a dock, but you can see it is a radio controlled model that was using the very large model boat pond located near the yacht club.
Seawater Filled PoolsSeawater Filled Pools
Seawater Filled Pools

They had the same type of swimming pools that we saw in the Azores where the sea water comes into the pool when it is high tide.
Their Own CurrencyTheir Own Currency
Their Own Currency

Stores accept the British Pound and the Euro but they have their own Guernsey currency as well.
Welcome to SarkWelcome to Sark
Welcome to Sark

This tunnel had been blasted through in order to make a connection to this harbor. It is now where you arrive by ferry.
Proud of This HonorProud of This Honor
Proud of This Honor

Sark was awarded this status due to the ability to see the night sky so well without having street lights to hinder your vision.
On Little SarkOn Little Sark
On Little Sark

We forgot our portable tripod so Bob stretched out his arm to try this one!
Proud of their Gold WinnersProud of their Gold Winners
Proud of their Gold Winners

The mailbox at the Sark post office was painted gold and will remain that way for 4 years as it is in honor of the 2 from Sark that won gold in the Summer Olympics in London.
Walk Down to the HarborWalk Down to the Harbor
Walk Down to the Harbor

A couple of views of the walk down the hill to the harbor on Sark – it was very lush and green.
The Doctor's VehicleThe Doctor's Vehicle
The Doctor's Vehicle

The Doctor’s vehicle is similar to what is used to pull the fire engine located on Sark.
One Mode of TransportationOne Mode of Transportation
One Mode of Transportation

One of the ways you can travel around the island of Sark is by horse and buggy. No cars are allowed on the island, only tractors.
One of Many HorsesOne of Many Horses
One of Many Horses

One of the many horses that are used on Sark for riding.

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