An old (free) fort

Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Mountains and trees01 Mountains and trees01 Mountains and trees

Saw lots of mountains and trees on the drive
Geo: 43.4852, 25.7644

Today was another drive day with a stop in this town to visit the fort. It was great to stop in a small town and stretch our legs. We had a great view from the fort of the town, only not enough time here. Apparently we were suppose to pay to enter the fort, but most of us walked straight past the ticket office, a few of the group were busted and told to pay or leave. Walked around the fort for a bit and then we went for a walk through part of the town. It was good to breathe fresh air again. There were two men at a cafe and for a few coins they played music for us. Got back on the bus and went to sleep.

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02 View02 View
02 View

View of the town from the fort
03 The fort and I03 The fort and I
03 The fort and I

Took this photo will walking through the town. In the background is the fort
04 Musicians04 Musicians
04 Musicians

These guys play for money to buy beer
05 Entrance05 Entrance
05 Entrance

This is the start of the walk to the fort

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