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August 17th 2009
Published: August 18th 2009
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Finally, another blog update - it seemed the recent lack of entry rather concerned someone (Mother Bywaters) as to whether we are still alive - but I can safely say we are. The lack of updates is mostly due to the fact that for the past few days, we have been chilling on the beach and going to the festival at night, leaving very little time/energy to write anything. Plus, using internet that is about as fast as dial-up is mental torture.

So, where we left off was in Bucharest - anticipating our ridiculously early start for the bus to the Bulgarian coast. Having got up at 5.45am, we were waiting bleary eyed in a car park next to the Gara de Nord for the coach, watched over by some community dogs. The bus was a reasonably pleasant suprise, air-conditioned and everything so of course, something had to be wrong. And soon enough we discovered what - the bus driver was big time into his 80s classics and we drove off with Madonna's "like a virgin" blasting out. Other hits included some by Tina Turner, Rick Astley, and oddly, Metallica. Needless to say we brought out our own MP3 players pretty quick. After a random bus change on the hard shoulder just outside Varna (thankfully another passenger alerted us to this or who knows where we would have ended up) we continued along the windy coastal roads to Sunny Beach (a bit further south).

Luckily we were in Sunny Beach for less than half an hour, it was like the Costa del Sol in the 70s - put up in about 5mins and with inflatable mattresses for sale everywhere. Quickly we got another bus to Burgas - 'home' for the next few days.

We stayed at Yonat hostel, one of about two in Burgas and which turned out to be run by a French guy who just loves Bulgaria. We were the first arrivals of the day but were shortly joined by Miguel (super loud Spanish guy with strange British accent), and two Romanian friends of his. That evening, we all ventured out for a drink and were worried about how dead Burgas was in an evening, hoping that it would improve for the festival!! Needless to say, having started so early, we were pretty knackered and called it something of an early night. Perhaps an appropriate time to comment on the super sinking beds, it was like sleeping in a hammock, but not really intended to be. Also, our room was rather interesting... indeed it did contain two beds, but also had the door to the smoking balcony off of it, and the door to another four bed room - not the most private of places but we weren't that bothered knowing that we'd be out most of the weekend anyway! Speaking of which, festival report to follow in the next entry :D


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