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June 8th 2012
Published: June 8th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

So recently i found out that the nickname that i used for this blog Nomadic matt is trademarked.... huge design flaw for the website to allow someone to create a name that they cant use, spend alot of $$$ to have business cards made with the name of my blog so that everyone can keep tabs on me. SO UNBELIEVABLY INCONVENIENT!!! So Travel Blog what am i supposed to do with 200 business cards i left in the states and the other 250 that i have in my posseson, throw them away? order new cards and now pay to have them shipped overseas?? More $$ that i do not have... perfect thanks...

So with that my new nickname is FUNomadic-matt, peps in oakton if you wouldnt mind just mentioning that to the VIP clients that will get or have already gotten my cards.. just add a little FU in front.. muchos gracias

Oh and i realize there will be misspellings but if this website had spell check i wouldnt miss as many errors, oh and it is virtually impossible to post video/ pictures from an ipad or tablet... get your shit together TB, this is bushleague.

Now my bad for not posting as much in the past week.. there hasnt been much to tell about as i've been just hanging around belgium and getting ready for amsterdam.

Now Amsterdam is going to be alot and i mean alot of fun. As of now i will not be playing for the Belgian Nationional Team.. only bc league rules state that there can only be 4 non country passport holders per team, and well belgium already has 5, im hoping that with only 1 goalie on the team that i may be able to be the 6th, but only as a backup in case of an emergency/injury, (now keep in mind im not hoping the goalie gets injured im just trying to be there for the team in case anything bad happens) But for the time being i've made contact with the EC12 Director (European Championship) and i will be doing various volunteering tasks (photo/stats/scorekeeping/ announcing. ect) while participating in the "Festival" that takes place at the same time as the EC. So i will get some lax time and be able to watch my big bro dominate.... and enjoy amsterdam... all is good. Its going to be 10 days of lax goodness and im stoaked. anyway when i know the definite plan of what im doing after the tournment i will let yall know.

oh and it looks like i cant even put up photos from my computer... keep an eye out for my new blogs address bc im going to be looking for one that is more user friendly... again bushleague


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