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August 16th 2009
Published: November 7th 2009
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Day 1 Arrive Kaunas, Lithuania, night time. Ask young man in airport shop where to get bus to town centre. He smiles and replies in English. Very un-Soviet - in Russia would have had head bitten off for daring to ask such a question. Ask minivan driver in car park which stop to wait at. Jumps out of van and walks me over to right one. Town centre cleaner and roads better quality than most places... Read Full Entry

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Saint Ephresenia holding the double-barred cross, Polotsk. Belarussian pagans already had a similar symbol so she used this to ease their conversion to Christianity.

8th November 2009

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8th November 2009

Good for you for succeeding in your ambitious goal... I just completed a 65km bike ride around the Sea of Galilee in Israel, and then got home to read of your amazing cycling feat. My piddly bike ride doesn't seem like so much by comparison :) Much respect!
8th November 2009

Guess you're back completely (from the attack). Congratulations. It's an achievement. I'm glad this time you had a good bike, not broken shoes=)! I have one stupid question by the way, why some Belarusian seemed so averse to foreigner? If it's not tourist destination, it usually has more interest in foreigners. Or that's how I thought. It's nice to hear the complete version of your story. Last time I heard was after the Lithuanian immigration asked you, "Where do you live in Lithuania?" and you said,"I don't know, but I remember the bus stop,"
8th November 2009

hey Ria! thanks for the comments. Actually I found Belarussians to be very friendly and interested in foreigners in general. However, in some of these ex-Soviet countries there's a tradition of people who work in shops and restaurants being extremely unfriendly to everyone, foreigner or local. It's called "Soviet service". Hope you're well! How have you're plans progressed?

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