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Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast August 19th 2018

Day 9: The dawn arrives and welcomes a day filled with excitement of the possible debauched adult only fun for the next couple of days. At least that’s how I see it. I’ll have to persuade Yuliya about the debauched parts of it, and then probably avoid a swift flying slap. I’ll wait til after she’s had a couple of vodkas tonight. Yuliya sets off for her run with Dasha and I decide to go for a quick 10km prior to getting ready for our departure. I set off on the same route that me and Yuliya did the previous night. The morning is another spectacular one . The heat hasn’t yet took hold and the grass glimmers with dew. Birds sit along overhead cables and sing my approach and give the chorus that becomes the ... read more
After evading capture
The local beauty spot bin
Victor has caught lunch

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk April 1st 2018

Just a year ago Belarusian airline (Belavia) starting out a flight from Belgium to Minsk, and at the same time, they withdrew the tourist visa. Most nationalities can visit Belarus for five days with a visa-free. Minsk is on my list for quite some time, but our trip was postponed a few times due to the hassle of the visa. When I heard the news about withdrawn the tourist visa I can't wait to visit Minsk. This a good news for all of us, so with no doubt I book our ticket through the website of Belavia airline and can't wait the day we departed. Belavia airline based in Brussels South, a second and smaller airport in Belgium. The airport is mostly used for short haul destination, due to its location, takes an effort to reach ... read more
Trinity Hill
City Gate
Independence Square

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk September 11th 2017

104 th Country World Around Project Cigdem Yorgancioglu ---- Hicran Ciğdem Yorgancıoğlu ‘nun Belarus Minsk Devr-i Alem Hicri Alem Hicran Çiğdem Seyahatnamesi’nden ..seyahat notlarından alıntılardır . Her hakkı saklıdır .. / Eserin tüm telif hakları H.Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu’na aittir . Eserin izinsiz kopyalanması çoğaltımı ,yayını ,dağıtımı halinde 5846 sayılı Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunun hükümleri geçerli olacaktır. - 104 th Country World Around Project Cigdem Yorgancioglu ---- Hicran Ciğdem Yorgancıoğlu ‘nun Belarus Minsk Devr-i Alem Hicri Alem Hicran Çiğdem Seyahatnamesi’nden ..seyahat notlarından alıntılardır . Her hakkı saklıdır .. / Eserin tüm telif hakları H.Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu’na aittir . Eserin izinsiz kopyalanması çoğaltımı ,yayını ,dağıtımı halinde 5846 sayılı Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunun hükümle... read more

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast September 7th 2017

In February of this year the government of Belarus introduced an option to visit the country without the requirement of a visa in advance. It's understood the initiative may be expanded in the near future, nevertheless the current offer is a good fit for my itinerary this time around. There are restrictions on the visa on arrival; it's only valid for flights in to Minsk airport, and can't be accessed from a land crossing at this stage. Immigration will accept visitors for a maximum five day stay, with the only requirement the purchase of compulsory medical insurance at the airport at a cost of a few dollars. How good is that, I have the opportunity to visit Belarus without jumping through bureaucratic hoops of applying through the embassy! As soon as I arrived at the gorgeous ... read more
Central Minsk
Mir castle
Moat at the castle

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk June 16th 2017

I will add more throughout the day: ... read more
Waiting for the medals
3rd overall

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk June 15th 2017

The flight from AMS to MSK on Belavia Air was interesting. I have never been on a plane where they have squeezed in so many seats into a small space. But what made it interesting is the flight was full of powerlifters and most of them are not small. I was seated in a middle seat and sure enough another guy the size of Carl gets seated on the other side of me. It's only a 2 hour flight but I knew I was in for a long 2 hours. It was a full flight but just before takeoff my seatmate spots an open seat in the exit row and gets permission to move quickly- thank goodness!! We were all so relieved:-). They fed us a meal which was a surprise on a short trip but ... read more
The large housing complexes
Buildings along the main road we are on
Venue seating for the meet

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk June 15th 2017

I was able to transfer Carl's pictures and he's a better photographer than me, so I'm sharing both Amsterdam and Minsk... read more
A little Americana in Minsk
Carl's new shoes
Minsk McDonald's

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk November 5th 2016

Naliboki Forest, November 2016 Josh, Jaclyn, Olga, Laura, Dominic, Meredith, George and Kevin We were 8 teachers from QSI Minsk, on a Belarus adventure with the humble, yet larger than life Vadim Sidorovich- Only 1 1/2 hours from Minsk, but a world away Vadim and Maxim met us at the edge of the Naliboki Forest They took us on a wild Lada ride through the now dark forest along a headlamp-lit, bumpy, puddled-filled road. Dinner prepared by Ira was waiting for us – potatoes, carrots and pork served in rustic ceramic pots, cooked in the ashes of an authentic peasant stove Settled into our room – stuffed boar’s head and owl over our bed, fireplace crackling, and adjacent wood-fired sauna. Oh, and outhouse a short walk down the trail. An interesting lecture about the... read more
Our room fireplace
Wood-fired sauna
My safari Lada and rubber boots

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk August 21st 2016

We have arrived safely back in Minsk for our 3rd year of international teaching. We love this city and its amazing people and we really like our school and its caring staff. Yesterday we explored some new areas of Minsk with Julia and Viki and snapped pictures of some great Soviet-era murals. I find this art style fascinating. We took an elevator to the top of the Belarus National Library for views of the city. There are not many high rise buildings as most pre-2000 buildings followed a maximum 8-story plan. Some newer buildings are 20ish-stories tall. Landmarks in this remarkably flat terrain tend to be smokestacks, radio antennae, and garbage dumps (2 distinctive mounds to the east and west of the city). I have also included photos of our new apartment building. We love our ... read more
Solidarity Mural
Apartment murals
Amazing murals on apartments

Europe » Belarus » Minsk Voblast » Minsk August 5th 2015

The break-up of the former Soviet Union somehow allowed certain regions of the world to showcase their set of credentials under an independent monicker, and Belarus being one of them, it still remains something of a mystery as to why this is one of Europe's least-acknowledged nations. This might well have something to do with the fact that, strictly-speaking, Belarus is Europe's last-surviving dictatorship, a factor which very much sets it apart from the rest of the pack. All factors considered, it is probably better to judge Minsk and indeed the rest of Belarus on its own individual merits, and as a 3-day city break here went to prove, if you dig deep enough, you should be able to unearth a few vital treasures which you can call your very own discovery process. Central Minsk remains ... read more
On the city centre approach, grandness greets you (Minsk; Belarus)
State-of-the-art architecture (Minsk; Belarus)
Clearly, outside of the capital is no cultural desert (Belarus)

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