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October 1st 2006
Published: October 1st 2006
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Yep, I made it. Actually I'm kind of glad I ended up having to fork out the dough for the flights. Everything I read about the train trip to Belarus talked of problems people had. I just flew in, got my passport stamped and got out! Easy peasy. No difficult visa questions, no nothing. Marina came with a friend of hers to pick me up, it was really great to see her again. As if I wasn't attracting enough attention already for being the obvious westener, Marina then went and screamed loud enough to shatter glass when she saw me. Still, it was nice. 😊
We then drove sans seatbelts (apparently not required in Belarus) and made our way to Marina's home at some speed. I guess traffic police arn't big here. Yikes, screw the corrupt police etc, I think if I spend too much time on the roads here, it's most likely that which will do for me.
Anyway, I met Marina's family, who are all so nice and so welcoming but don't speak English, although her Dad proudly showed his knowledge with "Thanks you" and "My name is Sasha". Haha, I think he had been at the Vodkas. No seriously! Then we had a big spread for dinner, it was awsome, the first real food I've had in ages. Complete with big shots of Vodka, downed in one after the obligatory toast. Actually, my throat which has been bloody sore lately, felt great after a few of those bad boys. It was really nice Vodka too. I really enjoyed the dinner, didn't even feel left out being the only one not speaking. Marina's mother kept plying me with food whilst her Dad plied me with Vodka, I was even forced by politeness to drink a cup of tea, although granted, it was actually pretty good. So tick off drinking tea in Belarus along side drinking espressos in Italy along side things I wouldn't ever have done at home.
Right, no photos for the mean time, I'm about to go sleep in the lounge room! 😉


1st October 2006

I was unable to text to your new number... not sure why.
2nd October 2006

happy bday for yesterday!
It's the same day as Hanna's don't you know? :)
2nd October 2006

Thanks man, although for me reading this it is still the 2nd!
2nd October 2006

Not sure why, might be ok now

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