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January 2nd 2010
Published: January 2nd 2010
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Statue outside of Parliament
So today we traveled from Brno to Vienna. Brno was kinda quiet, almost everything was closed due to being New Years, so unfortunately we had to eat at Mcdonalds, but that was also fortunate because we were very hungry and in need of hangover food. The reason for us being hungover was of course New Years Eve. We asked the front desk of our hostel if they had any ideas on where to go for the celebration, and they told us a club that was very popular and had a cheap cover, unfortunately when we got there the cover was 900 czech crowns which is about 50 dollars, then we went to the club beside it and the cover was 1000 czech crowns. We then headed to Old Town square, which I had heard was a very popular place for the celebration. We went to a mini mart and got some beers then headed in front of the main stage at the square. On stage was this cross dresser lip syncing popular US songs, later more cross dressers came on the stage dressed as nuns and lip syncing to a song from the Whoopi Goldberg movie Sister Act. It was really

One of the museums we went to
odd and funny. After the cross dressers an older band came on singing popular czech and US songs, the Czech songs we didnt know but it was very easy to learn the chorus and sing along. They then took a 5 minute break and the lead singer came backed dressed like Freddy Mercury and they began singing alot of Queen songs, which of course were easy to sing along with. After midnight, we headed down Wensalas square, where alot of people were throwing fire works and police were lined up to make sure things didnt get too out of hand. We walked down the middle of the square, which probably wasnt the best idea, but our drunken state convinced us it was ok. We did make it out alive even though it did look like a war zone. Overall New Years Eve was awesome.

Now we are in Vienna, we went to a couple of museums had dinner and are about to do some laundry and then head back out for some night life fun. I hope everyones new yearÅ› was as much fun as mine.

I attached some pics as well, I will put them all

Pic from Charles bridge
on here when I get home.

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I think prague, from charles bridge

Erics handywork after drinks

About to head into the brewery for a tour
Czech cuisineCzech cuisine
Czech cuisine

really good steak and potatoes at a local restaurant in Brno

Doing some heavy thinking and styling on the train

Blurry nuns with balls

Wensalas square / war zone

Eric posing next to a cop

Eric near more cops

5th January 2010

Whats up!!!
Looks like you guys are having a good time!!!

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