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Published: December 31st 2013
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This writing business is not working. We have been in St. Thomas for a week and just moved to Christmas Cove on Great St. James Island and still no inspiration. The 5th version of this blog is the one I’m going with.

We hired a delivery captain for this passage and it proved to be a smart decision. Derek Jarvis is a Canadian who has extensive sailing experience in the Atlantic and Pacific and has been delivering yachts for the last 40 years. His knowledge of the Bahamas and Caribbean was better than the charts and guide books we were carrying. But it all comes down to sailing in different conditions and his calmness and professionalism put us at ease. At least some of us.

Kathy’s brother Bob signed on as crew probably thinking this would be an adventure of a lifetime. In fact, he got more than he bargained for. On a voyage of this length, Neptune has many ways of delivering pain and suffering like seasickness and outright fear of impending demise. Bob’s exact words were “OH MY GOD!” Adding to his misery, Bob became the primary target for some flying fish. The dodger saved him on one occasion and the second time he knew enough to duck before impact.

Bob was a great help in Ft. Lauderdale – he just likes messing around with boats. But he’s probably done with offshore passages. One and done is the catchphrase. At times I’ve said the same thing, “I’m not doing this anymore”. In reality, I am a glutton for punishment. It would have been better if we could anchor every night, but that was not an option on this trip.

Kathy signed on as chief bottle washer and cook. No watches. Everything was going according to plan until she ate a Clementine after breakfast. Not long afterward, wind and waves added to the mix. Oh my darlin’ began to hug anything porcelain. That event triggered our unexpected weight loss program. As with everything else on the trip, we survived and actually had a few good meals under difficult conditions.

When we were ballooning, people would always ask, “Where are you going to land?” My retort was “I will tell you when I get there”. Where will we end up? Who knows, but for now, the US and British Virgin Islands
Refueling at seaRefueling at seaRefueling at sea

We had to carry extra diesel for the trip
are fine places to hang out until the sirens beckon us farther south. It’s not just about going from point a to point b. It’s about the weather, the people, the anchorages and marinas and the memories gained from the whole experience.

Just want to thank Bob for hangin’ –

hangin’ out with us, hangin’ in there and hangin’ on! OMG!

Happy New Year!

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Adjusting linesAdjusting lines
Adjusting lines

Lines on the dinghy needed to be tightened. Derek would steer downwind so Jon could tighten them under smoother conditions.

12th January 2014

Our turn next year?!?!?
Hmmm... sounds like a "great" trip?!?!? I'm lining up the Sturgeron already!!! Keep writing!!! Love taking the trip with you!!!
23rd January 2014

Thank you for the great blog. I am currently "enjoying" N. Myrtle Beach's sunshine & 20* temperature. Spent Christmas Eve in Christmas Cove several years. We always enjoyed Roadtown. Fred

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