British Virgin Islands & St Martin

Published: May 25th 2011
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May 10 – May 24, 2011 The distance between St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands is a matter of an hour sail. We saw a lot of charter boats from the British Virgin Islands visiting several of the anchorages we were at in the American Virgin Islands. We never planned on spending much time in the BVI’s as we had explored the area before when we did a bareboat charter with Bob's sister ... Read Full Entry

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A rainy day at marketA rainy day at market
A rainy day at market

This is normally filled with vendors, but we hit the market on a very rainy day so everything was covered in plastic or closed up.
Great varietyGreat variety
Great variety

If you are interested in spices this is the place to come. They have everything from anise to cinnamon to vanilla beans and everything else in between.
Love the colorsLove the colors
Love the colors

Everything looks so good it is hard to decide what to buy (and what will fit on the boat!)
DSC04686 [1600x1200]DSC04686 [1600x1200]
DSC04686 [1600x1200]

The US Supermarket on the French side – we didn’t see much that we recognized here as being “American” (maybe it was all that French writing??) They do have some very inexpensive French wine that we will stock up on.
Old school busesOld school buses
Old school buses

Bob always said that he knew old school buses found a home somewhere else. This one has some of its lights out but still on the road here in St. Martin.
Hurricane damageHurricane damage
Hurricane damage

You may not see it well, but there is quite a large hole in the side of this boat but it is still floating
Hurricane damageHurricane damage
Hurricane damage

It is obvious that St Martin has seen its share of hurricanes as seen by these hulls
There is the top of a mastThere is the top of a mast
There is the top of a mast

Look closely and you see the top of a mast showing -one more reason for us to head south

26th May 2011

One step at a time to circumnavigation
Hey guys, Great to get your update. St. Maartin sounds wonderful. We will be in Oregon end of July. Please email us when you are back state side with a phone number I can call you on. Be safe and godspeed!
27th May 2011

hello friends
It sounds like you are still enjoying your dream...we just returned from a short vacation in VT on the fully understand setting up for travel after sitting for a while. I usually leave at least one thing that goes crashing down on the first corner or a drawer that is not secured. Always a challenge. lol We followed a former teacher, Bill Gates,...[not the $ one.. ;o) ], started teaching with Bill and retired the same year. His son lives in Proctor, VT, so Bill G stayed in his son's driveway and we stayed in a neighbor's driveway. It is where the Vermont Marble Co was and we toured the museum, along with the Bennington Monument, Shelburn village, Grandma Moses Museum, and took a 100 mile loop tour guided by book. Back to your the pics, but the sunset taken as you were doing your overnite sail was incredible. Just a note, when you visit a place and have a great time,...try to return and recapture it...never happens. I think it is more about newness and the people you are with the first time around. Sounds like the French are more $ conscious than the Dutch, except for the wine you used to restock. Does it compare to the NY wine? Since you "seem" to enjoy wine, you have more experience with the liquid than me... so just curious. ;o) I love seeing all of the colors in the markets that you visit. Have you tried any new produce that maybe we don't have here? And not to gross you out, do you avoid disrupting your bio rhythms with all of the different food and drinks you ingest? When I went to Europe for 5 weeks with 72 high schoolers, 7 nuns, and 2 other teachers...nothing sat well. Made me afraid to eat...except when we entered Switzerland...what is not to like about their chocolate and pastries???? Didn't mean to take all your time telling you about me....must be too much caffeine. One more thing,...bought frozen salmon that was already marinated...salmon is now officially out of my cooking list. You did a great job on it,...I will just live with the memory and call it good. lol Take care and stay well, my friends. Good sailing to you and may you keep meeting wonderful people, seeing beautiful things, and enjoying the time you have together. Loving you, cyndie

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