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Published: July 7th 2018
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Garden centre. Just a forest of all kinds of plants
Exactly halfway through my time here now. I finished A&E yesterday. Nothing too dramatic happened in my last few days, although I did walk in to the ER on Thursday to see all the doctors doing CPR on someone. I waited for 10 minutes and then left, because it seemed a bit morbid after that. Otherwise, I got to see quite a few patients, mainly just sprains and vomiting and things you see in the UK. Next week I start internal medicine, and I'll be there for the rest of my time here.

So yesterday, we went to buy some plants from sort of like a garden centre. But in St Lucia, they don't need greenhouses, so there's just a little forest off a main road that has hundreds of plants and you just pick what you want or ask them to dig it up for you if they haven't already. It was really nice though, like being in a botanical garden or something because there were loads of tropical birds, funky caterpillars and all sorts. I saw so many hummingbirds. They're far to fast for a photo though.

In the evening we met up

Some plants already dug up for you to choose
with some of Errol and Celia's cousins and their friends. We went to a beach bar and then we went to a little BBQ restaurant nearby. The food there was amazing. I had some roast pork and some chicken and some fries. It was all served with this homemade garlic sauce. The others had this thing called lambi, which is the meat from those huge conch shells. Just tasted like any shellfish, but each piece was huge. I didn't realise the animal inside the conch was so big. But it's a local dish here and everyone goes crazy for it.

Apparently there's a hurricane coming late Sunday/early Monday. Hurricane Beryl. Hope it's not too bad and that I still have a good week next week.

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Funky caterpillar

Street art in Castries

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