Puerto Rico 2015 - Pool Lounging and Wave riding

Published: March 19th 2016
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the beach in front of the hotel
After a full day of adventure in Farjado we decided to keep it low key for the next couple of days and just stay put at our hotel. We started with the breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant near the pool and beach. The buffet was fairly typical of a hotel breakfast, make your own waffles, cooked to order omelets, self serve scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, etc. However, they did have unlimited mimosas so Jeff and I were sold. The kids finished breakfast before we did and asked to go back up to the room by themselves. We allowed it as long as they stuck together and didn't let anyone into the room. Jeff and I were able to enjoy a few minutes alone sipping our mimosas and drinking coffee.

When breakfast was over we headed back up to the room to get the kids and head down to the pool, when we got up to the room the housekeeping lady was in there cleaning the room while the kids were watching TV. It was a little weird and she wouldn't speak english to us but she finished up pretty quickly after we got there. I asked the kids
Boogie Boarding Boogie Boarding Boogie Boarding

Riding the Waves in PR
why they let her in because they weren't supposed to and their response was she was just cleaning the room. Lesson learned by all and they won't be letting housekeeping in any time soon. Before we headed down to the beach we walked down the street to Walgreens to pick up a soft cooler, drinks, rum, more sunscreen, water bottles, and some beach toys. I really enjoyed the location of the hotel because there was so much within walking distance. Starbucks was directly across the street, Walgreen and CVS within 100 ft, and plenty of places to grab lunch and dinner. Not to mention all of the shopping, which I didn't get to do. I'll save that for my girls weekends away. After picking up our supplies for the day we headed back to the room to get on bathing suits.

Jeff and I each took turns going for a run, while the other went to the pool with the kids. I went first each morning and headed out of the hotel and through town, into the direction of Old San Juan. The sidewalks were large enough to run on and you would pass several hotels, restaurants, shops,
Beach TimeBeach TimeBeach Time

Plenty of beach to build sandcastles
a park, and even a baseball stadium before hitting the bridge over to Old San Juan. We would turn around at the bridge, it was about 3 - 4 miles total. It was pretty hot out so the running was slow but we very much enjoyed it.

We were able to get a few chairs down at the pool and beach. Izzy made friends right away with a couple girls her age from New Hampshire and Jake needed constant entertaining so Jeff brought him down to the Ocean. Many locals and hotel staff said it wasn't safe to swim and they had a point. The waves were really rough and there was a fairly strong undertow. Jake is a very strong swimmer so we let him go in as long as one of us were with him. When Izzy wanted to go into the ocean we had to hang on to her and it wasn't for very long. The beach was pretty big though and plenty of sand to build sandcastles without being right on top of another family.

When Jake wasn't getting tossed around by the waves he played ping pong (even entering into a mini tournament
Pool timePool timePool time

a little foosball action
with some other hotel guests), foosball, giant chess,hung out at the pool bar, and begging to go back up to the room. It was a little frustrating that he couldn't entertain himself but after a while we let him go back up to the room by himself. Over all the days we spent at the hotel were so much fun. Jeff and I took turns going for a run through San Juan, entertaining Jake, having a couple rum drinks and watching Izzy making friends. We had lunch at the pool and was very typical for beach/pool food. The kids found the arcade after a little while and were able to enjoy themselves there for a bit while spending too much of our money on old school arcade and silly crane games - but hey it gave us a chance to rest and read.

In the evening we would shower and go out to dinner someplace within walking distance. We ate at the burger place across the street - fantastic and one of our favorite places to eat. Very kid friendly and the food was delicious. We also ate at the hotel dinner buffet when they had king crab legs
Pool timePool timePool time

Ping pong tourney
(a favorite of Jake) and Izzy had pigeon pea soup. The girl loves soup and I can't believe she ate it. Still to this day she'll tell you it was one of her favorites. Another night we ate dinner at a local Puerto Rican/Cuban restaurant. I loved it but the kids were just so-so and did well entertaining me. It's so hard taking the kids out to dinner on vacation, they are so tired and really don't want to try new things or sit still while they wait for food so it's a constant battle of eating at kid friendly burger joints and trying to the kids to try local cuisine.

After dinner we would hang out in the hotel lobby lounge having a couple drinks and snacks listening to Salsa music. Occasionally Izzy would get up in dance but for the most part they sat in the comfy chairs playing their video games. I have a love/hate relationship with kids and technology. On the one hand it's a huge part of their generation and it allows Jeff and I some down time, but on the other hand it's always there and it's all they want to do that
night time funnight time funnight time fun

being silly in the lounge
I fear they will miss out on experiencing the culture and unique experiences of our trips. One night there was a concert at the park down the street and another Jake watched Jeff in the casino (he stood outside the doors and Jeff found a table that was close enough for Jake to watch). As much as I thought the kids were bored during this time, Jake will tell me that one of his favorite things to do at the hotel is hanging out in the lobby at night.

Overall we really enjoyed our time at the Marriott. I wish the waterslide was in operation but we still managed to have fun. The beach was not super crowded but I was a little disappointed with how rough the water was. It was a great fit for our family, we loved our room, the pool, and the walking distance to all the different restaurants.

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Pool timePool time
Pool time

swim up bar - always been one of Jake's favorites
Beach timeBeach time
Beach time

family photo opt
beach timebeach time
beach time

daddy taking Izzy out to ride the waves
Beach timeBeach time
Beach time

boogie boarding fun

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