Puerto Rico

Published: January 1st 2007
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Puerto Rico was beautiful at night, just which we could have seen it during the day. We took a tour of San Juan. What we could see was very beautiful. We had a tour guide who would start his sentence in English and finish in Spanish. Everything he said must have been funny because he laughed after every sentence.

I spent most of my time in a shopping area of San Juan looking for a Tree Frog that my Grandson Wes requested. Since, he was the only one in my family that knew about tree frogs I thought he deserved me finding a model of one. I found one that you squeeze and it makes the frogs sound: Ko-Kee which is its name: Coqui in Spanish

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Christmas in the CapitalChristmas in the Capital
Christmas in the Capital

Puerto Rico has no problems with Christmas displays in the capital.
More ChristmasMore Christmas
More Christmas

Puerto Rico has no problems with Christmas displays in the capital.
Another RotarianAnother Rotarian
Another Rotarian

This women was a President of a Rotary Club back east.
Coqui or Tree FrogCoqui or Tree Frog
Coqui or Tree Frog

I spent much of my precious time on Puerto Rico hunting for the Coqui, pronounced Ko-Kee tree frog for my grandson Wes.

4th January 2007

Tree frogs
Hi Kent and Linda, Wes is not your only family member who has heard of tree frogs...our cousin, Marvin, lives on Tree frog Ln. in Deland...he says when it rains a lot that the tree frogs will jump into the house when a door or window is opened. During the hurricanes they had a lot of them! Carole

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