Granada- take 2

Published: June 12th 2015
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To get down to Panama, our final stop of the Central American diaries we needed to get back to Granada so decided to book an AirBnb there with our friends from Bristol and have a last weekend with them. The AirBnb is owned by an American called Glenn who moved to Granada with his wife 5 years ago and we got a beautiful apartment for around £8 each a night. Over the weekend we did some stuff we missed out on in our last visit but unfortunately all the girls got food poisoning on the first day so we couldn't do much. The highlight of the weekend was the trip around the isletas in Granada. In lake Nicaragua and just off the Granada port is 365 archipelagos, some containing houses, some monkeys, some birds, one was even a cemetery. The whole trip took just over an hour and we did it over sunset before making a massive party BBQ. The islands were really beautiful are most likely owned by expats who noted the beauty and upcoming tourism culture of Granada.

Other things I did during the weekend included visiting the markets, the Mi pottery museum, wondering around some ruins and I also did some Nicaraguan wine tasting. The wines were sweet wines and they use the local produce such as hibiscus and cashew fruits to make them. They were not dissimilar to sherry but had different flavours.

I really liked Granada, but I was ready to leave. I feel that now it is up and coming and in a few years it is going to be a lot like Antigua and a family and older person holiday destination. All in all I think that Nicaragua was a cool, friendly country and I'm glad that I went to it now as I think that it will change a lot over the next few years and become more like Costa Rica.


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