Horse riding on the beach

Published: October 24th 2008
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Yes I know you're not supposed to eat them with the skin on! And by the way - while they are very similar the are NOT the same thing as lychees!!
On Laura's birthday we left Utila and were picked up on mainland Honduras by Omega Tours, who we'd organised to go horse riding with. Laura had never been horse riding but had always wanted to so we thought we'd take the opportunity and as this company is run by a very respectable German couple with well fed and looked after (but small, as everywhere round here) horses it was a good place to be doing it.

When we arrived back on the mainland our lift was nowhere to be seen (confusion over which terminal to be picked up from) so after being tricked by some guy into topping up his phone credit so that I could use his phone I called Omega tours and we were soon on our way sitting comfortably in the back of a pickup truck stuffing our faces (ok, maybe just mine) with Rambutan enjoying the scenery and weather. After a short trip down a dirt road we arrived at the stables where I was given a newly bought light grey horse called Terra Moto (Earthquake) and Laura was given an, in fairness, better looking brown horse with the slightly less exciting name Phillipe.

The road southThe road southThe road south

Now THIS really is the life.
a little nervous at first Laura soon settled into things and was easily amused by small things like the fact that her horse would stop to drink or munch on grass periodically. She was also happy to let her horse wander around as it pleased and really didn't do anything to control it - which seemed to work out pretty well for her really. I on the other hand couldn't wait until we got to gallop later, which was so much fun! Even laura plucked up the courage to gallop a little later but as a first time rider wasn't allowed to gallop with all of us.

There's not much else to say about the horse riding really except that I can highly recommend it to others.

Later on we checked into the Omega Jungle Lodge where, like some other companies, you're given a free nights accomodation for taking part in the tour. The place is gorgeous! I was so impressed with their set up there surrounded by mountains and tropical forest with fruit trees and orchids everywhere aswell as a great outdoor shower (where you can set up candles if you want a shower at night), natural
Starting outStarting outStarting out

Not long after we started our ride - heading onto the beach
water swimming pool and decent bar. An excellent place to relax and so we said to ourselves we'd come back and hopefully try to do some white water rafting - if they'd had rain and the water was high enough.

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The good the bad and the uglyThe good the bad and the ugly
The good the bad and the ugly

But which one am I? Keep the answers to yourself please.

Well, they've had the chop actually but close enough. Laura and Phillipe left and Me and Terra Moto (earthquake) right.
Lunch spotLunch spot
Lunch spot

A 'restaurant' run by a family of an 18 year old kid (with son!) and his younger brothers, without parents. They make do by selling gringos on this horse trip a couple of drinks on their way through.

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