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So as you can tell I'm not very good at keeping promises. I've been living in Guatemala for two months now. I honestly can't believe that it has been so long. I'm not sure as to whether it's because I've switched of my body clock or that I've been having such a nice time.

So apologies for the length of this entry but I do have two months to cover, I shall try to keep it short.

After visiting my brother in San Diego I was able to get a flight from LAX to Guatemala city for 165 US dollars. Really recommend spirit airlines, cheap but not nasty. As those of you who know me I am rather tall, and always find air planes uncomfortable. That being said, Spirit Airlines is no worse than British airways, if anything the staff are far friendlier.

My flight was two hours late, and I only just made it to meet Marco at the airport. Marco works for the school I'm volunteering at, and I think he was about to leave! I only just recognised the sign with my name on it THIL, but he was a really cool guy. Took me to the bus station where I took the coach to Xela. It took a few hours, and when I arrived there was no one to meet me, dark and in an unknown place I just sat on the curb waiting and waiting, until my host family picked me up.

The host family experience is one that I can recommend, I spent about 5 weeks with two different host families, and have since moved into a shared house with an amazing view.

The school I studied in, and taught in has been fantastic. The people are friendly and out going and the students are great.

So...I'd really like to write more but I've got to run, so will from now on make an entry every week. I'll add lots of photos for you. I'll be leaving Guatemala soon, and will post from here till Panama.

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