goodbye greenbelly aches

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7 am view from the balcony
San Pedro has treated us great, but it´s time to get a move on. We are Chichi bound tomorrow for the Sunday market. It took us about 10 minutes to figure it out, but we´ve spent 11 days here in San Pedro. Now I finally don´t hit the deck everytime I hear the regular artillary shell blasts. Sounds like the town is being bombed, but they´re just celebrating something. Hotel San Francicso was our lovely abode with fabulous views and the sweetest of people running it.

Our only strange encounters there were a curious cowboy who came creeping up asking how much our Ipod cost...we averted conversation...and the spiritual shamen wanting to sell us his Mayan flutes and mother earth carvings to supposedly protect us from evil spirits...he was a talented salesman, and full of crap.

Spanish school was a success, I guess. There are muchos verbos irregulares y regulares en pasado y futuro floating in my head if I can only pick the right ones to use. Practica, practica, practica as mi maestro Lorenzo would say. Hard to beat taking classes in tiki cabanas on the lake shore. Landon´s maestro Letty invited us to her home for dinner
onion transportonion transportonion transport

70 lbs. of onions on a 70 yr. old man
with her family, which was super interesting. Landon helped her 9 yr. old daughter do math problems beyond what his 10 yr. old kids could do. Landon and I stared at the fist size spider on the nearby wall while sharing conversation of Che, and eating our first delicious homecooked meal of scrambled eggs, beans, and pasta in mayo.

We´ve thoroughly enjoyed all San Pedro has to offer, especially the abundance of avocados. The people are known as greenbellies around here. We tried are hardest to turn our bellies green, at 4 for about .30 cents we put up a good fight. My stomach hurt for a couple days, not sure if it was the avocados or the bread. Apparently the pan de banan can be rotten, and I loved the pan de banan. No problem now though, everything is regular especially the daily 6am colon blow.

We spent a night with some Aspenites who have recently entered the local gringo economy here. He bought a hostel, Luna Azul, that he´s in the process of opening. So we shared future visions for the place along with many litros of Gallo. Ziplines, floating beverage docks, kitesurfing and on and

onion tranport via 70 yr. old forehead

But, the beach beckons....I´m sure we´ll return here one day, and I´m sure nothing will change in the meantime. Maybe the lake will be cleaner and maybe the dogs will be fatter but I doubt it.

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local electricanlocal electrican
local electrican

just another day on the job
walk of deathwalk of death
walk of death

the fate of this chicken...rostipollo

fine dining with a view please
San Pedro schoolSan Pedro school
San Pedro school

best classroom ever
on the menuon the menu
on the menu

wedding preparations, enough chicken for the town
naked chicsnaked chics
naked chics

chicken pluckin

every kid has a kite

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