Semuc Champey

Published: May 20th 2015
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Semuc Champey is a series of limestone pools above a famed 300m bridge in the central region of Guatemala. It is. Absolutely beautiful and has a deserved reputation of being a great day out.

Semuc is difficult to access, so most toursists stay in a pretty small village called Lanquin which is in a neighbouring valley. I stayed in a lovely hillside hostel with great views and a fantastic atmosphere. Lanquin is very, very small and doesn't have much to do, only having a few comedors for eating and a few roadside shops. the main restaurants are inside the hotels or hostels and wifi is rarely available. Coming here was a real get away from realit (despite being surrounded by tourists!)

To get there from Flores I took a shuttle bus from my hostel to the village. I stayed in a place called Zephyr lodge for 2 nights and ended up meeting other people along the gringo trail as well as 17 Irish Medical students who took me under their wing for my day in Semuc.

So the day started by going into these really cool caves which the guide lights with candles, you them crawl, climb and swim through the cave to reach a 3m jump into a pool from a rock before heading back again, this was an amazing experience and one I will certainty never forget. The caves were well kept and a real adventure in the dark.. After this we did some jumps on waterfalls and then had lunch. After lunch we did a hike to the viewpoint overlooking the pools, which was one of the most amazing sites I have ever seen (Pictures on camera). When coming down from this, you go to the entrance of the caves and go swimming, sliding and jumping in the pools for a few hours, before doing a rope swing and heading home.

The whole day was really fun and such an experience. The whole sight was magical and an adventurous experience which made me really appreciate the beautiful world that I live in. A definite worthwhile trip on my way down south.


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