Day 7: Traveling to Lanquin

Published: July 26th 2012
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On the Road AgainOn the Road AgainOn the Road Again

Jessie and Luisa on the shuttle
Goodbye, Flores- hello, winding, mountain roads. Today, we took a nine hour bus trip on a shuttle to our next destination. Although the ride was scenic, it was quite bumpy. We encountered numerous speed bumps, as there are many villages interspersed throughout the mountains. Women climb the steep roads on a cliff with their market goods, and children play nearby, so speedbumps were placed all along the route for the villagers safety. I am glad they are all safe, but it sure made for a crazy ride.

Our shuttle stopped in Coban for lunch at McDonalds. Of all places, I'm sure he thought, Ï bet these Americans would love some McDonalds!" I wasn't too happy, but it ended up being a great cultural learning opportunity. Right when we walked in, I saw a crowd of people around a television. The Euro Cup quarter-finals (Italy vs England) was blasting from the speakers. The teams were shooting penalty kicks, and people were going crazy for it!

Other fun McDonalds discoveries- the chicken sandwich was called a McPollo, the happy meal (casita feliz) comes with mango, and the correct word for cheeseburger is queoburguesa 😊 Who knew McDonalds could be such an
View from the RoadView from the RoadView from the Road

Mountain View
educational stop on my journey?

Cultural Note

-Air conditioning is not a given in most of Central America in houses or transportation. Unless it is explicitly stated, expect not to have it! It's surprising how easily you can get used to living without it as long as their is a good breeze.

-Guatemala only has two seasons- dry and rainy. Rainy season runs from late May-early October. I was worried it would rain most of my trip, but so far we have only seen short rains at night- not too different from Savannah!

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Happy MealHappy Meal
Happy Meal

Cajita feliz

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