Final stop Guatemala - Tikal

Published: November 27th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Another border cross and heading north and back into Guatemala - cant seem to get away from this place!!

The reason for my re-enty and stopover is to visit Tikal supposedly one of the most spectacular of all the Mayan ruins sites. The Mayan people settled here around 700bc and by 250bc most of it was completed. It sprawls over 30sq kilometres making it way bugger than any of the other sites.

As you will see in the pics towering pyramids poke above the jungle canopy some above 60m and most you are allowed to climb. We took a tour from Flores a little island on a lake about 60k away and left at 4.30 in the morning to ensure that first of all it wasn't too hot and second of all there were alot less tour groups. It was really peaceful and as the place is also bursting with nature I was glad our tour was also including all the nature aspects.

There were crocodiles, noisy howler monkeys swinging through the ancient trees, terrantelas, ant eaters, wood-peckers, toucans and parrots all through the jungle. There is a total of 4000 buildings only 20% have been excavated so there is alot more yet to be found here. It really was spectacular walking through the jungle, climbing the buildings and seeing how each area is aligned to the next for summer and winter solstice.

I won't bore ye with anymore details and the pictures certainly don't do it justice. It was just one of those ones - you had to be there! Guatemala has been amazing and definatley my favourite country so far. Leaving here for Belieze for some sun, sand and snorkelling and not alot else im guessing

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This place is massive

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