Maya Ruins

Published: May 14th 2007
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On our first weekend in Peten we visited the famous Maya ruins of Tikal. As we haven´t uploaded any pics yet and are always behind with the blog, here we go. Tikal were our first ruins and hence we were really impressed (in hindsight there are better ones to visit, but hey there was no way of knowing)!

We took a minibus on Saturday afternoon to get there after 3:00 pm as this meant that the ticket of Saturday will be valid on Sunday too. As staying in Tikal is pricey we only could afford a hammock space, but this was good enough for us. On the next day, we had to give some money to be allowed to enter the park at 5:00 am to see the sun rise from Temple 4. For being honest, it was not that good as it was very cloudy and crowded with tour groups. However, it meant that we could explore the ruins when it was not too hot. The ruins are all excavated and fully restored and sometimes it seems a bit artifical, but it is still very interesting. The best thing for us is the jungle setting of Tikal as it is beautiful and you can spot some wildlife. We also met a couple we already met in Rio Dulce and explored the ruins together. Also it is not always nice to bump into travellers you have met before, they were good company and they cooked a meal for us as it was Frankie´s birthday.

Volunteering in San Andres is going ok, but the food situation is getting worse! The lady really doesn´t know how to cook and even basics as rice and beans are awful. Luckily they sent us a week teaching in Yaxha, which was one of the best things we have done on our travel. At the moment we really do not want to return to San Andres! In the next blog there will be more about teacher Michaela and Francesco.

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