Roasting in Isla de Flores

Published: March 10th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hot hot hot - yesterday was HOT. 35+ in the shade. We were up at dawn, which was lovely and cool, but the day just turned in to a dusty, hazy heat. We tried to venture out at around 3.30pm but soon came back to the cold showers and shade of our hostel. It wasn't until sunset that we could comfortably walk around the island.

We took a stroll to the top of the road, where a park is. It was being used by a group of kids playing basket ball. As we got closer, two men dressed in army gear started staring at us. It was quite intimidated as they were armed with automatic guns. We then remembered reading that Guatemala has had a problem with people taking children and selling them for body parts. This must explain the guards.

Steve and I instantly took an interest in the local architecture and walked on down a side street and out of view.

There is a strange atmosphere in Guatemala. It's friendly to a point and then there is an undercurrent of... I can't quite put my finger on it. We're very lucky with where we are staying.
Cool geeza Cool geeza Cool geeza

Can you see what's in the wall behind him?
It's very secure and full of friendly locals. The kitchen staff are the best, laughing at everything I say. I try out what little spanish I know and yesterday accidentally spoke German!

We've bought an overnight ticket to Panajachel for tonight, which is on Lake Atitlan. From there we will enquire about spanish schools, hopefully with two weeks tuition my German will flourish!

We have to be out of our room by 10am and our bus isn't until 10pm. We're in for another hot one so I'm prepared today. I'm just going to float for 12 hours in the beautiful, clean lake.

This morning we were up at 6am and took a walk over the causeway to Santa Elena. We wondered around the market, it was nice to get away from the 'tourist plaza' and see a bit of what the Guatemalans get up too. We've bought fresh fruit to see us through the day.

I'm wondering how I'm going to study in such heat. Hopefully, the lessons are early in the morning because come the afternoon my brain turns to mush.

auf wiedersehen



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Los AmigosLos Amigos
Los Amigos

Outside our room
Around the islandAround the island
Around the island

It takes about 20 mins to walk around the island.
No smoking!No smoking!
No smoking!

No guns!
Silver spiderSilver spider
Silver spider

Above my head!
Our room doorOur room door
Our room door

He he, beer avoidance photo taking.

10th March 2010

Smashing photos - looks a lovely little island. Sounds like you've had an exciting couple of days what with your hairy bus journey and army guys with automatics!! Now either my eyesight's getting even worse, or Willy has become invisable. I assume the hairy one upi refer to is not the dark haired guy in the background?!? Also what is on the wall behind the guy in the first photo? Are you going by train or bus overnight? Looks like you've got a long journey ahead of you. Hope you have a nice day and that the overnight journey is comfy and safe. All our love. xxxx

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