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Published: September 5th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

So, my new job offer... I was asked by a couple of Dutch people I know that run the Sundog Café in Rio Dulce town, if I wanted to help them out taking care of their new hostal about 5 minutes up river. As there are only two of them, if they took one business each they would never get a day off, so the idea was that I would stay with the hostal, they can run the café between them and cover for me on my days off as well. Having already checked out the new hostal (paradise!), I agreed to move in and get started ASAP. So for the last month or more I've been working at Nutria Ecolodge and Marina, and also why I never got a chance to do a blog, I've been working hard. The only bad things I can think of about the job, are longer hours, and the fact that I miss the kids like mad, but it's just down the river so I can always visit them.

I absolutly love my new job, mostly I just hang out at the hostal talking to the guests and coordinating the local workers. But I also get to drive to and from town a couple of times a day with one of our three boats to pick up and drop off our guests. I go for a swim in the river every morning after breakfast, I sometimes lie on the pier for a while where I might read a chapter or two of my book in the morning sun. After that I might get a hot shower, which might not sound great to you lot but its a luxury out here believe me. I'm also a bit of a dog minder, we have two chocolate labradors called Looky and Flyn, and an adopted mongrel from next door that got fed and starved at home, nicknamed flaca. They're great dogs and not bad company when theres no other guests around.

Unfortunatly, good things never last forever, but this one lasted even less than expected, one of the dutch managers decided after four years in Rio Dulce that she had had enough and booked her ticket outta here. So, at the end of the month, the ecolodge will be closing down, who knows when it'll open again. But I've really enjoyed my time there, I think it was just what I needed to finish up my time here, which is finishing a lot quicker than expected, honestly feels like I've been in Guatemala a month or two at the most.

But it really is ending, I'll actually be home in less than two weeks. So get the welcome home parties sorted and roll out the red carpet, Matty boy's comin home.

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View of 'El Castillo de San Felipe'View of 'El Castillo de San Felipe'
View of 'El Castillo de San Felipe'

Not quite sure what type of bird it is...

7th September 2008

I am still VERY jealous of you Matty boy!! WOW!!! I want to go to GUATEMALA!!! Don't get bitten by a poisonus spider before going home now...hehehe

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