Livingston and Rio Dulce (Finally another funny blog)

Published: December 29th 2007
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Coming into Livingston, GuatemalaComing into Livingston, GuatemalaComing into Livingston, Guatemala

We took a boat to cross back over from from Belize to Guatemala.
Finally, another funny blog. Man, some of the last ones have been sleepers, so here is one that should put your knickers in a knot.

When we left Belize we took a boat to Guatemala, landing in Livingston. Man, Guatemala is so cool. We landed in Livingston and were promptly met by several guys happy to bring us to "the best hotel in Livingston." Of course, they all worked for different "best hotels in Livingston" which makes it so much harder to decide. I think a few of them also wanted to sell us the best ganga in Livingston too. From the way a few of them were acting, I think they had already tried the free samples. Yep. If you don't know what ganga is, ask your parents. If they don't know what it is, come to Livingston.

We did find a place to stay and then went to one of the nicest beaches we have EVER SEEN IN OUR LIVES (did you read that last part loudly in your head? If not, you should go back and try it again).

At dinner that night we had a guy ask us if we wanted to buy a CD from him that had live music from Livingston. I made the mistake of asking him how many songs were on the CD. After talking with him for 10 or 12 or 38 minutes I told him I didn't want the CD. It didn't really phase him. He just went to step 2 of the marketing strategy-- asking for a beer. We bought him a gallo on one condition, that he would sit down and tell us about growing up in Livingston. He gladly accepted, but something must have gotten lost in translation because what came out as "sit down with us and tell us about growing up in Livingston" apparently came across as "please, please tell us more reasons why we should buy your CD." Did I mention we were all speaking English at that point? But hey, that is all part of the experience, right?

We took a boat down the Río Dulce, which is Spanish for "freaking amazing river with huge cliffs and lots of birds and stuff." We arrived in the town of Río Dulce about two hours later, which is not much to look at. I think the town looks how most people feel
Beach near LivingstonBeach near LivingstonBeach near Livingston

A local lady told us about this walk along the coast. We eventually came to a great little beach and we're able to do some swimming. This was not normal December weather for us.
in that junior high transition in life. Sarah made one lady's day there by telling her that she had perfect skin. We also told another lady she looked like Queen Latifa. Then I told Sarah she looked beautiful, which earned me 25 husband points (YES!...I mean, ¡SÍ!)

So, that pretty much raps it up for this blog, except the part where I should tell you that both of these towns are in eastern Guatemala, cause I could tell you were feeling a little bit lost. The end.

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Rio DulceRio Dulce
Rio Dulce

Translation of Rio Dulce is Sweet River.
Rio DulceRio Dulce
Rio Dulce

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