Guatemala trip, day one

Published: March 17th 2012
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After a long day of travel, I've finally made it to my destination, my elementary school classmate's home in Guatemala. Over twenty years ago we said goodbee and have kept in touch through the years.

Seeing her at the airport was great, I felt already at home in this country she's already assured me I will want to-return to. Shes young and fabulous and I'm already incredibly grateful to her for taking his week to be my traveling buddy. After a shower and a good nights sleep, I'm feeling pretty confident that jet lag won't be as bad as if I was going forward in time by several hours.

I always seem to need a refresher course when traveling internationally as I forget the craziness we go through in our attempts to econnect the earth and connect with others. Others who we learn through travel are not so different than ourselves.

I'll update as I can and please excuse spelling errors as, well I'm on vacation!

Mom, dad, bran, I looked up toniight and saw that familiar constellation of Orion. We will meet there if you need to say hi 😉.


18th March 2012

You go girl!
I am so green with envy. I know you are taking a ton of pictures. Love ya

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