A Day in Guatemala City

Published: May 3rd 2011
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Catedral MetropolitanaCatedral MetropolitanaCatedral Metropolitana

The big Cathedral in the Parque Central in Guatemala City (with a pinneapple vendor in front)
So today I spent the day in Guatemala City - the capital of Guatemala and the biggest city in Central America. Being a little scared off by the guide books that persistantly warn you about how dangerous Guatemala City is I was a bit hesitant to say the least. So I left all the valueables I could at home and hopped on the local chicken bus.

Needless to say I was disappointed in the chicken bus - no chickens. Also no violent crime either.

So when my bus arrived (to an entirely different bus terminal than I expected) I hopped a cab to the Parque Central - the main plaza in Guatemala City. There I met up with my new friend Luisa, who I was introduced to via facebook by my semester at sea friend Jillian who had spent a few months in guatemala 2 years ago and became friendly with Luisa. Luisa lives in Zone 2 of the capital, goes to university at night and works in a Sears credit card call center during the day. Shes fluent in English because she deals with pissed off stupid Americans all day long.

Anyway, we spent the afternoon walking
Luisa and ILuisa and ILuisa and I

In front of the 10,000x scale model of Guatemala
around the government center of Guatemala, seeing lots of pretty old and beautiful buildings, walking down the new pedestrian mall at Avenida 6, and seeing a large scale topographical map of the entire country of Guatemala.

Not surprisingly, Guatemala City isnt as dangerous as the guide books make it out to be and is actually quite nice. Im a fan of big cities in general so I felt pretty comfortable there. Perhaps the most exciting thing we saw was a baseball stadium! I may go back next weekend to see a baseball game for my birthday this Saturday.

No more words, just pictures to see

In unrelated news, Bin Laden is dead. Team America wins again!

Additional photos below
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The Post OfficeThe Post Office
The Post Office

By far the coolest post office building ever
The Police StationThe Police Station
The Police Station

Just your typical police station... wished ours at home looked like this
Club GuatemalaClub Guatemala
Club Guatemala

Not exactly a club more like a banquette hall but very nice
6th Avenue6th Avenue
6th Avenue

The ¨5th Avenue¨ of Guatemala City

Part of the 1:10,000 scaled topographical map made in 1904 of Guatemala

A cool fountain outside of the city´s court house

3rd May 2011

Good to see your blog
I am glad to read and see your travel experiences. Wishing you a Happy Birthday this weekend. Best, Jim

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